Introducing the Altitude Sun Hoodie from Outdoor Vitals

Outdoor apparel and gear brand Outdoor Vitals recently released a lightweight hoodie that is designed for people that push themselves harder, climb higher, and don’t give up when things become challenging.

The Altitude Sun Hoodie is an excellent choice for high-output activities or relaxing at camp after a day outdoors because it is so comfy.

The hoodie’s near weightlessness and breathability combined with a thoughtful design will keep you comfortable whether you’re trail running, hiking, or in almost any other outdoor setting.

The ultralight fabric will shield you from the sun without causing you to overheat so you can keep adventuring day-in and day out without any sensitive skin.

The high collar will give you max coverage, even when your hood is down.

Another great feature is how well the hoodie can manage moisture for you — the performance synthetic fabric wicks moisture from your skin and dries incredibly quickly.

The fit should be athletic but not too snug or constricting so that the synthetic blend can better control and wick away sweat.

If you are into outdoor activity and are looking for the best sun protection, it is time to get yourself the Altitude Sun Hoodie.

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