Introducing the Enduro Collection from Ibex: Gear Up for Adventure

Outdoor enthusiasts, get ready to push your limits.

The highly anticipated Enduro Collection by Ibex has arrived, boasting innovative Paradox Ponti fabric and features meticulously crafted for your next adventure.

Paradox Ponti: Innovation Meets Performance

The Enduro Collection isn’t just about new apparel. It’s about a groundbreaking fabric technology.

At the heart of this collection lies the revolutionary Paradox Ponti fabric.

This unique blend prioritizes versatility and performance, ensuring you stay comfortable and conquer any terrain.

Here’s why Paradox Ponti stands out:

Ibex Enduro collection

Women’s Enduro Collection

The Enduro Collection offers two key pieces designed to empower your outdoor pursuits, meticulously crafted with the female form in mind:

Women’s Enduro Shorts

Why it’s Special?

Enduro shorts

Women’s Enduro Tights

Why it’s Special:

Women's Enduro Tights

With the Enduro Collection, you can conquer any adventure in style and comfort.

Get ready to explore further, climb higher, and experience the difference Paradox Ponti makes. Visit Ibex website now.

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