Kahtoola Achieves Carbon Neutrality While Investing in Green Future

Award-winning outdoor brand Kahtoola has arrived at a major milestone by becoming carbon neutral.

Danny Giovale, Founder and Owner of Kahtoola, said achieving carbon neutrality is another opportunity for the brand to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The brand began the process in 2019 by working with the Outdoor Industry Association’s Climate Action Corps (CAC) to analyze its greenhouse gas emissions.

Starting in 2022 and beyond, Kahtoola is offsetting 100 percent of its carbon footprint by taking inventory of different emission sources.

Kahtoola used CAC’s guidance to create an emissions inventory that included energy consumption, manufacturing, shipping, and other factors and then calculated the offset requirements.

After establishing an emissions baseline, Kahtoola worked with NativeEnergy’s Help Build program to acquire offsets.

The Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project

Kahtoola associates elected projects to invest in based on the brand’s commitment to improving health, education, and sustainability.

The final projects include the Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project in Montana, the Medford Spring Grassland Conservation Project in Colorado, and the Sky Wind Project in India.

The brand’s goal is to become part of an ambitious initiative set by the CAC to make the outdoor industry the first climate-positive industry in the world.

Images courtesy of Kahtoola

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