Kahtoola Announces Summer 2022 Philanthropic Grant Recipients

Kahtoola, creator of award-winning footwear traction and performance-driven gaiters, recently announced the recipients of its triannual grant program’s summer distribution.

For the last 23 years, Kahtoola has given grants to organizations that come under one or more of its three main areas of focus: the protection of indigenous traditions (especially those of the mountainous indigenous peoples of Tibet and Nepal), environmental responsibility, and outdoor community.

Danny Giovale, founder of Kahtoola said the entire company is actively involved in our grant program, and we are proud to help a select group of non-profit organizations that align with our values.

“As Kahtoola continues to grow and evolve, we are excited that our philanthropic efforts continue to grow as well,” he said.

The following are Kahtoola’s summer 2022 grant recipients:

Grand Canyon Youth: Their educational outdoor expeditions connect young people to the transformative power of the rivers and canyons of the Southwest. The award will be used to fund indigenous, refugee and other underrepresented youth on the Grand Canyon, San Juan, and Verde River expeditions in 2023.

Grand Canyon Youth photo credit: Sally Jewel

Tolani Lake Enterprises: The award will help fund agricultural initiatives on the Navajo Nation, such as the Sihasin Demonstration Garden, which teaches both conventional and cutting-edge growing methods for desert environments.

City of Flagstaff Open Spaces STEAM program: This initiative focuses on outdoor education programs for local youth. Grant funds will support an Open Space Educator Position to help educate and encourage students of color and Native American students to explore and steward local lands.

Elevate Nepal: The grant will bolster efforts to improve access to vital resources in the region with the expansion of water, power, and sewage infrastructure surrounding Makwanpur, Nepal.

Elevate Nepal photo credit: Dan Maurer

Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund: This program is dedicated to the maintenance and enhancement of non-motorized National Forest trails. The grant allocation will go towards the Cathedral Rock trail restoration project to restore natural areas around one of the most popular trails in Sedona.

Kahtoola awards grants in three rounds each year: spring (application deadline: March 31), summer (application deadline: July 31), and fall/winter (November 30 deadline).

Visit Kahtoola.com for further details or to submit an application for the fall deadline.

Images and content courtesy of Kahtoola

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