Kammok, Duck Camp Team Up To Create Wetland Camp Adventure Blanket

Kammok’s collaboration with Duck Camp is a one-of-a-kind partnership that allows you to travel hassle-free with the creation of the limited edition Kammok Mountain Blanket.

The Kammok Mountain Blanket, in Duck Camp’s signature Wetland Pattern, is a crowd-pleaser with luxurious, ultra-plush fleece backed by a rugged ripstop shell.

Duck Camp’s new Wetland Pattern is a fixture in their product portfolio, particularly created for marsh duck hunting. They work together to create an ultra-versatile blanket that can withstand any weather, from the cabin to camp.

This limited edition Duck Camp Mountain Blanket has all of the features Kammok fans know and love, like Poncho Mode for wearing hands-free, water-resistant fabric, and a stash pocket for holding a bottle opener or pocket knife.

Grant Watson, VP of Marketing of Duck Camp, said the two brands cut from the same cloth, and their products are challenging the status quo in their respective.

“From a Duck Camp perspective, we want to embody the entire lifestyle around hunting and fishing—the moments spent in the blind but also back at camp around the fire. This is a product collaboration that sums that up perfectly,” Watson said.

Meanwhile, Greg McEvilly, Kammok’s Founder and CEO, said they want to provide the tools people need for better, more meaningful experiences.

“We’ve seen many hunters gravitate towards our insulated trail quilts and blankets, and teaming up with Duck Camp allowed us to bring a product to market specifically designed for them,” conveyed McEvilly.

Beginning October 27, 2022, the limited edition Duck Camp Mountain Blanket will be exclusively available on Kammok.com.

Images courtesy of Kammok

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