Keep Things Fun & Safe in the Backcountry with Midland Radio

Outdoor enthusiasts are all too familiar with the issues that can arise from a lack of phone service in the backcountry.

Imagine this — your group is skiing down different runs without a means to reconnect on a deep powder day, your off-roading partner gets lost after making a wrong turn, or your backpacking buddies get separated when an injured person unknowingly falls behind. Communication issues can ruin a trip and, at times, can be downright dangerous.

Midland Radio keeps you connected wherever you roam.

Midland Radio understands that communication in the mountains is key, but it’s about a lot more than staying safe. Being able to keep your group together and on the same page allows you to keep things fun and ensures that a lack of communication doesn’t cause plans to change.

Midlands Two-Way Radios Are the Solution

One of our favorite ways to prevent communication issues is with a two-way radio – but not all radios are created equal. Radios designed for backcountry use must withstand the test of severe elements and provide power for a full day of adventure. Enter Midland Radio Corporation – the leader in two-way radio and weather radio technology since their founding in 1959.

The company is based in Kansas City and is known globally for its solid reputation among camping, off-roading, road-tripping, hunting, and skiing enthusiasts — as well as among emergency response teams. Midland strives to provide “reliable communication for every adventure” everywhere, from deep in the backcountry to your local ski hill.

The Midland MicroMobile Is Up to the Task

Midland gained notoriety in the 1970s as the first manufacturer of CB radios in the United States. The company later expanded its product line to include FRS and GMRS radios and introduced its signature MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio in 2016. 

Stay connected anywhere during any activity.

The MicroMobile® is designed for those who both work and play in the outdoors and is the ultimate companion for communication while deep in the backcountry.

The radio offers up to 10 times the range of traditional handheld two-way radios and has changed the way everyone from off-roaders, farmers, outdoor athletes, and first response teams communicate in rugged terrain and unforgiving elements.

Meet the MicroMobile.

Be it an off-roading adventure, an annual camping trip, the first powder day of the season, or a wilderness emergency response team – keeping your group connected is key to both staying safe and maximizing your time in the mountains.

Midland Radio provides the tools you need to ensure you always have reliable and effective communication in the backcountry so you can keep your group safe and your plans on track.

The possibilities are endless with Midland Radio.

Learn more about Midland Radio and upgrade your backcountry communication game today.

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