Kickstart the Erem Gila Performance Sandal!

Certain brands have dominated the adventure sandal space for years without much change to their design. Before, hiking through the desert in sandals left a lot to be desired. It probably included some bruised toes, blisters for days, sore feet, and the thought of switching to boots.

The Erem Gila Sandal was created with the desert adventurer in mind by people who know both the desert and shoes. Performance-focused with comfort and sustainability in mind, the Gila outshines other adventure sandals.

Meet the Gila – the ultimate desert adventure sandal. Photo by Garrett Harmsen

From hikers to rafters to climbers, Erem created a sandal that the desert dweller will want to add to their closet or under their van bed.

Kickstart the Erem Gila Sandal!

Unique Features of the Erem Gila Performance Sandal

It’s hard to find a sandal that does everything you need it to do, especially in the rough terrain you’ll find in the desert. Erem created the Gila with these extreme landscapes in mind.

Designed for traction on wet and dry surfaces, including loose terrain, the Erem Gila sandal guides adventurers well through the desert while keeping their feet comfortable and mind at ease, knowing that the footprints left behind are carbon neutral. 

The Gila tackles steep terrain with ease. Photo by Dan Krause

High Performance Ready

Go forth and be confident in your steps with the Gila Sandal. The Gila Sandal introduces the TENCEL™ strap system, providing stability when wet or dry. Naturally tightening when wet, the straps help with foot slipping and dragging through water crossings.

The Gila is designed to be your all-purpose adventure shoe. Photo by Garrett Harmsen.

The added toe thong is designed to be supportive yet comfortable when hiking through uneven or steep terrain. Combined with the arch support in the footbed, the sandal gives lateral support.

The Erem Gila Sandal will excite folks who want their sandals to handle more. It features deep 4.5mm lugs on the soles for excellent traction. The Gila has the same rubber as the Erem Xerocole™ boots, so you’ll feel comfortable knowing that this sandal will take you up some of the steepest slickrock trails.

Deep lugs provide great traction for different landscapes. Photo by Garrett Harmsen

Weighing in at 721 grams per pair, the Gila Sandals aren’t just for a jaunt through the desert. They’re capable of so much more. Strap them to your pack on long, multi-day trips for a good camp shoe when the boots just need to come off.

Light enough to backpack in, so get comfy at camp. Photo by Garrett Harmsen

The Gila Sandal is built to last, even for the most hardcore of dirtbags. They’re damage resistant with a double-layer strap system, cork midsole, and custom zinc hardware. If you somehow manage to damage the sandals, Erem guarantees them to be factory repairable through its 365 Day Desert Guarantee — this warranty protects against manufacturer defects and if you wear your sandals out in under a year, they will replace them for free!


If your shoe starts to burn your feet, especially when you’re desert trekking, you’re sure to be in for a long day. The Gila Sandal is designed to prevent blisters and chafing by combating the wet and hot conditions that cause those problems. The comfortable textured footbed prevents feet from sliding around on the shoe while the strap fibers dry quickly.

Gila X straps are durable and avoid pressure points for comfort. Photo by Dan Krauss

The X-shape strap system protects feet, preventing pressure build-ups and hot spots from forming. Natural, soft fibers make the Gila comfortable without a break-in period. They also resist odor, so smelly feet will be the least of your worries.

The midsole of the Gila features dual density cork. Cork doesn’t lose its supportive capability over time like EVA foam can — it naturally molds to your foot over time for long-term comfort.


Erem is proud of this bio-circular sandal — the materials have proven paths back to nature. Not only that, but at the end of their life, Erem will take the Gilas back and use them in their next stage of life. They’ll even give you credit toward your next pair.

If you manage to damage the Gila, Erem can easily repair it, giving the shoe the longevity you want. Photo by Garrett Harmsen

Even the most durable shoe can sometimes meet a shoe-destroying rock (rock, paper, sandal, anyone?), and if that happens, the Gila is factory repairable.

Why Kickstart the Erem Gila Performance Sandal?

Erem has once again created a top-tier adventure shoe, this time in the form of a sandal. Despite being the new kid on the rock, Erem spent 18 months of design work on the Gila, with countless hours going into product testing.

Expect the unexpected with the Gila. Photo by Garrett Harmsen

While the Erem name may be new to you, footwear is not new to them. Founded by a fourth-generation bootmaker from the family behind Timberland, you know that your feet are in good hands.

Kickstart the Erem Gila Sandal!

Who is Erem?

Erem is made up of desert storytellers and adventurers, people with big dreams and a commitment to the environment. Erem donates a percentage of its product sales to its mission of planting one million cactus pear plants. With a 100% carbon offset and footwear that can be returned to nature at the end of its life, Erem also focuses on the manufacturing process of the shoe.

Erem is inspired by the desert landscape. Photo by Dan Kraus

Erem is a proud member of 1% of the Planet, partnering with the Arizona Trail (AZT) for the company’s contribution. Also, Erem is the official footwear of the Arizona Trail Association.

Responsible, handmade production is the name of the game. We’ve previously shared our review of the Erem Xerocole Expedition Boot, and we’re stoked to see the Gila Sandal come to life.

Kickstart the Erem Gila Sandal, and learn more about Erem.

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4 responses to “Kickstart the Erem Gila Performance Sandal!

  1. What is being done with the multi tool on the sole in the 7th picture in the sandal description?

    1. Hi Mike. Here’s the response from the Erem Team: This currently allows for it to be factory repairable easily. It allows for the strap to come out.

  2. Dan Heffernansays:

    My problem with desert sandal here in Arizona is that the sole detaches from the sandel because of the intense heat here.
    Has the Gila sandal solved this problem?

    1. Hi Dan, here’s the response from the Erem team: We are doing intense testing to ensure when at production that this does not happen.

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