Klean Kanteen: Make It Personal with Custom Laser-Etching

In a bid to empower customers to express their individuality, Klean Kanteen has introduced a new dimension to their product line—personalization through laser-etching.

The renowned brand now allows customers to add a name, icon, monogram, or a unique combination to most of their product offerings, making every Kanteen a one-of-a-kind item.

Make Your Klean Kanteen Uniquely Yours

With over 100 graphics to choose from or the option to add your own text, the possibilities for personalization are endless.

Whether you’re into sports, hitting the gym, embarking on a trail, or simply leading an active lifestyle, Klean Kanteen has you covered.


The insulated water bottles are designed to accompany you faithfully on your journey, ensuring that you stay hydrated and healthy wherever life takes you.

However, please note that personalization options are limited to solid colors or brushed finish, excluding printed, patterned, or graphic bottles, as well as bundles, sets, or kits.

Visit the Klean Kanteen website, choose your favorite product, and click the “Personalize” button to make it uniquely yours today.

Images courtesy of Klean Kanteen

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