KUHL Officially Launches New Aktivator Jacket

When the cold weather hits, you want a jacket that’s as comfortable as it is warm.

KUHL has launched its new Aktivator collection that is built to perform during outdoor excursions.

The Aktivator collection consists of two key pieces: a jacket and a hoody. Both designs are available for both men and women and feature the same technology.

KUHL’s all-new Aktivator Jacket is an industry first: a jacket that offers three different levels of high-performance and synthetic insulation to ensure you are perfectly dressed in all conditions. We have written an extensive deep dive for this jacket for those of you who wish to learn all of the nitty-gritty details about it.

Th Aktivator Jacket, with soft and stretchy fabric, an ultra-lightweight, windproof shell, and a water-resistant finish, offers all of the comforts you need when you’re on the go.

Thermal body mapping delivers varying degrees of warmth where you need it.

Meanwhile, all of these features are included in KÜHL’s new Aktivator Hoody, along with a comfortable hoody for added protection from the elements.

Both the jacket and the hoody provide cozy warmth and breathable comfort, and they are regarded as the new standard in adaptive performance that no one can match.

Image courtesy of KUHL

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