KÜHL RADIKL OUTSIDER PANT Is Back in Stock This September

Get ready for a game-changer this September — the top-selling KÜHL RADIKL OUTSIDER PANT is back in stock as of September 10, 2023.

These pants are not your average outdoor wear; they are the embodiment of practicality and innovation.

Crafted from KÜHL’s ultra-tough yet lightweight ripstop fabric, the OUTSIDER Pant takes functionality to new heights.

KÜHL RADIKL OUTSIDER PANT: Different By Design, Different By Construction

In perfect alignment with KÜHL’s brand ethos, “Different By Design, Different By Construction,” these pants incorporate cutting-edge features that make them stand out.

The use of lightweight Dynawax ripstop fabric ensures unrivaled durability and reliable weather protection.

Mesh vents thoughtfully placed at the thigh level enhance breathability, keeping you comfortable during all your activities.

The Hypalon zipper garage adds an extra layer of protection against the elements, while softshell panels provide unmatched freedom of movement.


A Tactical Storage Solution

The OUTSIDER Pant isn’t just about durability; it’s also about utility.

With a total of eight pockets, including three equipped with zippers (found in the thigh and back regions), these pants offer secure storage options.

To add to their appeal, there’s even a discreetly hidden cell phone pocket concealed within the right thigh pocket, ensuring your essential devices are always at hand.

Performance Meets Comfort

Constructed from a carefully balanced blend of 51% Cotton, 38% Polyester, and 11% Nylon, the OUTSIDER Pant represents the perfect fusion of performance and comfort.

This fabric composition guarantees that these pants will not only endure the rigors of outdoor adventures but also keep you comfortable throughout your journey.

With a fabric weight of 170 GSM, they strike the ideal balance between durability and wearability.

Available in Stylish Hues

The KÜHL RADIKL OUTSIDER PANT is not just a symbol of rugged functionality; it’s a style statement.

With a range of appealing colors to choose from, including driftwood, espresso, ink black, and teak, you can now conquer the great outdoors in style.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or someone who values both quality and aesthetics, these pants are a must-addition to your wardrobe.

Images courtesy of KÜHL

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