KUIU Introduces All-New Kutana Stretch Woven Shorts

Have you ever wanted a pair of shorts that could give you the support, protection, and comfort of a stretch-woven short but at the same time add some style?

KUIU decided to put your wish into action with their new Kutana Stretch Woven Short.

Given the extraordinary rip strength and durability of the Toray Primeflex Nylon fabric used to make it, the brand was able to create a short that is significantly more durable than those of competitors in its weight category.

The majority of stretch nylons are made of spandex, which attracts and holds moisture, breeds germs that cause odors, and degrades over time.

Since spandex is not used, Toray stretch nylons have higher durability and performance due to the shape of the fiber and the fabric structure.

A complete range of free movement is made possible by the action gusset in this short, and the low-profile cargo and back pockets offer storage with little extra bulk.

It has been given a MAKSPEC treatment to lessen bacterial odor and a K-DWR treatment to resist water and stains.

Available in four colors – ash, gunmetal, khaki, and Verde green, get your Kutana Stretch Woven Shorts for only $109.00. Check KUIU’s website today.

Images courtesy of KUIU

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