KUIU Launches All New Active Merino 105 LS Crew-T

What do you get when you combine unrivaled elasticity, rapid drying abilities, and the ultimate defense against unwanted scents?

Discover the cutting-edge pinnacle of apparel innovation – a recently launched marvel from KUIU’s ultra-merino line, promising unmatched performance and a comfort revolution outdoors.

Meet the Active Merino 105 LS Crew-T

Crafted with Nuyarn Merino Wool, the Active Merino 105 LS Crew-T is a high-performance active tee that redefines comfort with its unparalleled stretch, rapid recovery, fast wicking, quick drying, and ultimate odor resistance.

Engineered to elevate every active individual’s experience, whether for daily wear or intense training sessions, it sets a new standard in performance.

The fibers are ultra-soft while resisting microorganisms that cause odors by absorbing body vapor, wicking moisture, and drying swiftly.

For strenuous exercises and workouts, the polyester blend increases strength, abrasion resistance, and durability.

This men’s t-shirt’s unheard-of 105 grams per square meter fabric weight makes it perfect for intense exercise when rapid drying, odor resistance, and exceptional stretch are crucial.

The Nuyarn Technology

Nuyarn Merino, a revolutionary technology, ingeniously combines superfine Merino wool with a high-performance filament, resulting in an ultra-lightweight and robust fabric that outperforms all natural fibers.

Unlike other methods that risk garment disintegration after one wear, Nuyarn’s drafting process ensures exceptional moisture management.

This technology makes it 5x faster drying, 8.8x more durable and boasts an impressive 85% increase in elasticity compared to conventional ring or core-spun Merino.

Whether it’s worn during daily activities or training sessions, the Active Merino 105 LS Crew-T is designed to excel in performance for every active individual.

Check out this amazing shirt and other remarkable apparel only at www.kuiu.com.

Images courtesy of KUIU

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