Kula Cloth: For All The Places You Go

If you’ve been in the wonderful world of hiking and backpacking for a while, chances are you’ve seen a colorful square of fabric dangling from a backpack or two. Kula Cloths in the wild!

These little squares are one of the most playful and genius pieces of gear to come on the scene for a long time. Simply put, they’re pee cloths. For all the places you go. Handy dandy reusable cloths that keep those who squat to pee clean, while helping to reduce waste in the backcountry and in the world.

Kula Cloth is for all the places you go!

Kula Cloth has become a bit of a club in the best way possible! These pee cloths have become somewhat of matching friendship bracelets for those who squat to pee!

Kula Cloth has been a fun brand to watch grow over the years! They don’t take themselves too seriously and keep a silly social media presence. Which is great, because they’re in the pee business afterall. But don’t let the silliness fool you; Kula Cloth is also a brand serious about social chance, diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. And they’ve never dropped the ball when it comes to Leave No Trace education and caring for the planet.

If you love to spend time outdoors, squat to pee and are tired of carrying used up toilet paper around in your pack you will want to check out Kula Cloth. They aren’t just a company selling pee cloths. They’re a company making it fun to talk about real needs in the outdoors and coming up with solutions for a better outdoor experience.

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The Kula Cloth, Leave No Trace & Good Time Shenanigans

So what’s a Kula Cloth actually made of? One side is absorbent and uses anti-microbial silver threads to keep things hygienic. The other side of the Kula Cloth uses waterproof fabric to create a nice clean barrier for your hand. They’ve also added a loop you can snap on to the outside of your backpack and a secondary snap that keeps the Kula Cloth folded in half.

The concept of the Kula Cloth seems simple, but until this product exploded onto the scene, there wasn’t a great solution for an eco-friendly way to wipe in the woods.

Kula Cloths come in a huge array of fun designs, from simple to hilarious. And of course everything in between. You can also design your own custom Kula Cloth!

an array of kula cloth designs

Good Vibes, Good Ethics

We’ve all seen toilet paper littering the outdoors. It’s gross. It’s so frustrating. Kula Cloth aims to change that with their reusable and washable pee cloths. It’s all about Leave No Trace. The future is now and toilet paper in the backcountry should be a thing of the past!

kula cloth helps with leave no trace by reducing the amount of toilet paper in the backcountry

The founding of Kula Cloth was inspired by the need to clean up the wild. In fact, that’s exactly what inspired the creation of this company. As they put it:

Kula Cloth® was born during a trip to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington State. Anastasia Allison was enjoying a spectacular sunset over Robin Lakes, when she walked around a larch tree to discover… a giant pile of toilet paper.

Upon returning home, she started researching Leave No Trace options for toilet paper in the wilderness. She discovered the concept of a pee cloth and decided to give it a try (even though she had to admit – it sounded a little weird at first). She didn’t like the idea of a bandana, so she bought a small blue piece of microfiber.

This piece of fabric was a game changer for her – as a women’s backpacking instructor for nearly 10 years, she started encouraging all of her students to use a pee cloth in the wilderness.

And Kula Cloth was born!

Community and Play

From it’s launch, Kula Cloth has never been anything but fun and playful about the pee cloth business. They come at it from a place of tongue in cheek humor and good vibes. Creating a sense of community that feels lovely to be a part of. This sense of play is truly at the core of the company.

kula is all about adventure and play while practicing leave no trace even at the everest basecamp

From epic adventures to day hikes, Kula Cloth aims to get you outside. And there is nothing quite as nice as seeing other folks with a Kula Cloth looped on the outside of their backpack. You know when you see that, you’re in good company. Instant community!

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Who is Kula Cloth?

Kula Cloth is a company based out of Washington that has been doing good for our planet for quite a while now. They walk their talk when it comes to Leave No Trace, inclusivity and having a really good time! As they’ve grown as a company, Kula Cloth has expanded into a place for events, a place of community and they’ve put out some other cool products.

kula cloth founder

Kula Cloth was founded by Anastasia Allison

See the the array of Kula Cloths, and learn more about Kula Cloth.

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