LaterWays: Trip Planning for Urban Adventure Seekers

If trip planning has you confused, frazzled, or just plain frustrated, we’d like to introduce you to LaterWays — a timesaving tool to help you make personalized trip itineraries in just a few clicks.

Whether you love to spend time in nature or prefer theater and a night on the town, LaterWays provides itineraries for whatever your travel style may be.

Urban hikers searching for accessible trails and sights during a long weekend trip to a new city can browse and select a suitable itinerary in under a minute.


A trip to Vancouver could include the exceptional VanDusen Botanical Garden.

LaterWays believes making a trip itinerary is like making a music playlist. This concept is how they create itineraries! They base trip plans on your interests, ensuring that you’ll vibe with their recommendations. That’s why they created the Activity Selector, a feature that allows you to discover new itineraries based on what you actually want to do.

LaterWays-Activity Selector

Find itineraries based on your interests with the Activity Selector.

Whether you have a week of vacation or are trying to sneak in a fun day on a business trip, keep on reading to learn more about LaterWays!

LaterWays + Simple Trip Planning

LaterWays is new on the trip planning scene, but already they’re making a splash! If you have a short amount of time to visit a location, you’ll absolutely love that LaterWays has a huge variety of one-day itineraries.

For instance, their Los Angeles Great Outdoors itinerary is a great example of packing in a good deal of outdoor variety near the city into a single day.

On the flip side, the L.A. Stories itinerary guides you on a day trip around the city with a morning stroll at Vasquez Rocks and an afternoon respite at Vista Hermosa Natural Park to provide you with a dose of the outdoors while you explore the urban landscape.


Does the LA itinerary of your dreams include Vasquez Rocks?

As a new company, LaterWays is still growing out the itineraries they offer.

Save Time with LaterWays

The world of tourism is a saturated one! Where LaterWays stands out, truly, is how much time their itineraries save you.

Planning for a trip can be monumentally time-consuming, especially if you’re visiting somewhere you’ve never been. Everyone has had those moments of total overwhelm while trying to create a super fun trip.

laterways Montreal_Botanical_Garden

A trip to Quebec isn’t complete without a stop at the Montreal Botanical Garden.

LaterWays makes it a much more simple process to have the trip you want. Your next itinerary has already been made — you just need to follow it.

The Future of LaterWays

Right now, the company is growing its catalog of itineraries and locations. In 2024, they plan to add many more itineraries across an array of unique cities. They’ll also be teaming up with local influencers to get some great inside scoops for city guides.

Iceland-Explore Iceland

See the world with the help of LaterWays.

Follow this upstart company now to know when new itineraries are dropped for your upcoming trips around America and the world beyond.

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  1. Why is promoting the LaterWays website? LaterWays is evidently designed for people who stay in hotels. I could not find a camping option. LaterWays was a waste of time for me. Thanks! I hope you made money for wasting my time!

    1. Hi Bruce. While camping and wilderness backpacking are a large part of what we cover, we also create content around urban hiking and global travel.

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