Lectric Bikes Introduces XPedition Cargo Bike

As e-bike technology has become increasingly popular, Lectric eBikes is introducing a high-performance electric cargo bike, The XPedition.

With a carrying capacity of 450 lbs. and the ability to conquer even the steepest slopes, this cargo eBike was designed to be the ideal transportation solution.

This bike has Lectric’s brand-new Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation (PWR) Programming for the XPedition, which enhances the Pedal Assist experience by supporting the rider up to a predetermined power level for each PAS setting rather than only limiting the assistance by speed.

It also features a 750W rear hub motor (1310W Peak) with 85Nm of torque, which provides power and speed more quickly than before.

The bike’s 48V Lithium-Ion battery with Single and Dual-Battery options can power your ride for up to 75 or 150 miles, respectively.

Another incredible feature is the 180mm rotors and hydraulic mineral oil brakes, which provide assurance in both dry and rainy conditions.

Riders between the heights of 4’11 and 6’5 may easily use this electric cargo bike thanks to the dual, adjustable seat post, telescopic stem, and adjustable handlebar angle.

Equipped with free accessories, the Electric Cargo Bike XPedition is priced at $1,399.00, while the XPedition Dual-Battery version is sold for $1,699.00.

This bike is perfect for parents carting multiple small children, delivery personnel on the job, or anyone interested in replacing their vehicles with electric transportation

Whether you’re driving the kids to school, hitting the trails, or making the final delivery after a hard day, the new cargo eBike from Lectric is your best option.

Images courtesy of Lectric eBikes

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  1. This bike is quite suitable for my daughter.

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