Lectric eBikes Donates More Than 1,000 eBikes for Reliable Transport to Those in Need

Lectric eBikes, a prominent brand known for its best-selling eBike model, has joined forces with Beast Philanthropy to donate over 1,000 eBikes to individuals in need of reliable transportation.

Individuals in need of reliable transportation are encouraged to enter for a chance to win at this link.

Levi Conlow, co-founder and CEO of Lectric, said doing good in the world is an integral part of Lectric eBike’s DNA.

“Partnering with Beast Philanthropy on their philanthropic missions was a natural fit from the beginning, and we’re excited to have expanded our partnership with the recent donation of 1,000 Lectric eBikes,” he said.

Lectric eBikes + Beast Philanthropy

The donation is part of a recent charitable endeavor with Lectric eBikes and Beast Philanthropy, in which Lectric gave cargo eBikes to Kenyan water delivery personnel to aid in the effective supply of clean drinking water.

Since pure drinking water must be transported directly from desalination facilities to households, these water delivery workers are crucial to their communities.

Efficiency, carrying capacity, and profitability have all increased for these people and their families because of Lectric’s cargo XPedition eBike.

As part of the inaugural endeavor, the company donated a total of 25 eBikes to people in Kenya and Haiti.

The brand has expanded its efforts by giving another 1,000 eBikes to the Beast Philanthropy to be distributed to those in need all around the United States.

Meanwhile, Darren Margolias, executive director of Beast Philanthropy, said their goal at Beast Philanthropy is to help as many people as possible.

“We’re very excited about this project, as Lectric’s eBikes can provide reliable transportation for individuals to get to work, school, medical treatments, and more,” he said.

Lectric eBikes has donated over $1 million to help support Beast Philanthropy’s projects since the partnership began in January 2023.

Images courtesy of Lectric

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