Lectric Takes Aim at Affordability With New XPress eBike

Lectric, the leading eBike company in the US for 2023, has unveiled the Lectric XPress, a full-size electric commuter bike with a starting price of only $999.

This budget-friendly option aims to make eBikes more accessible to a wider range of riders, potentially disrupting the market by bringing high-quality electric transportation to a new price point.

Performance Packed into a Classic Design

The Lectric XPress combines a classic look with modern features.

The full-size wheelbase offers stability and a comfortable riding experience, while the industry-leading torque sensor with Lectric PWR+ programming provides smooth and intuitive power delivery.

Unlike traditional eBikes that deliver a jolt of power, the XPress adjusts its assistance based on the rider’s pedaling effort, creating a natural riding experience.

Riders can choose between a 500W or 750W motor depending on their needs and local regulations on eBike power output.

Comfort and Control on Every Ride

The XPress is equipped with a custom-designed TC•Eighty front suspension fork with 80mm of travel, ensuring a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads or light trails.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide strong and reliable stopping power in all weather conditions, while the 7-speed drivetrain allows riders to tackle hills with ease.

The 27.5 x 2.1-inch city tires offer a good balance of grip and comfort for commuting or exploring, making the XPress a versatile choice for urban environments and casual off-road adventures.

Key Features of the Lectric XPress

The Lectric XPress offers a compelling combination of performance, comfort, and affordability, making it a strong contender in the growing eBike market.

Ready to ditch the car and experience the joy of e-biking? Visit the Lectric website today to learn more and pre-order your Xpress.

Images courtesy of Lectric

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