LifeHandle: The Everyday Carry Sling and Hands-Free Dog Leash

The LifeHandle is a body sling that can make life easier for active families with dogs and young children. It’s a simple and practical tool that eases the burden of carrying and corralling everything you need for day-to-day life, as well as outdoor adventures.

LifeHandle Dog

Time to hit the trail with my dog Huckleberry!

At its most fundamental level, the LifeHandle Sling and its accessories can free up your hands while you go about your day. It’s all too easy for some to imagine having to carry a tired child, haul some gear, and keep your dog on a leash—you’d likely not have a hand or even a finger to spare for anything else.

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The LifeHandle solves that problem, allowing you to control the situation and then some with the help of its functional design.

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Unique Features of LifeHandle Sling and Pet Leash

Let’s start with the sling itself. The LifeHandle Sling is a fully adjustable single-strap body harness made from breathable mesh and neoprene padding that’s been covered in high-visibility reflective fabric.


The sling has adjustable straps to fit many body types and positions.

While this sling’s slim design and ample padding make it comfortable to wear, it also has more than two dozen attachments points where you can use paracord or carabiners to hang anything you’d like. These convenient daisy-chain loops can be handy for runners, dog walkers, and hikers who need to haul a bit of gear.

LifeHandle Carry and Dog

Why hold a water bottle in hand when you can attach it to the sling?

What can you carry with the LifeHandle? Well, just about anything. Doggie bags, a clip-on compass, a flashlight, sunglasses, a GPS tracker—you name it. What’s more, there’s also a beverage holder loop that can easily hold a water bottle or a child’s sippy cup.

LifeHandle Daisy Chain

Reflective daisy-chain attachment points.

LifeHandle Accessories

The base sling is only the beginning. Attached to the sling is the hub—a mechanically locking attachment point for accessories such as the All-Purpose Handle and Hands-Free Comfort Leash.

With a simple twist of the hub’s dial, you can pop in and out any of the LifeHandle accessories.

All-Purpose Handle

The All-Purpose Handle makes it easy for a person to hold or lift up to 50 pounds with a single hand. This works great for carrying small children or gear in the crook of your arm.

All Purpose Handle

Image courtesy of LifeHandle. Here, you can see how the All-Purpose Handle can be used.

The way it works is that you wrap your arm around the item you wish to carry, and then you grab the handle using that same arm, and voila! You’re now dispersing that weight across your arm and the sling, allowing your shoulder and torso to do some of the heavy lifting for you. Likewise, you can also clip the handle or an item into the attached carabiner loop to help lift or carry awkward objects like skis or fishing poles.

Hands-Free Comfort Dog Leash

The Hands-Free Comfort Leash retains much of the same function as the All-Purpose Handle with its carabiner and paddle loop handles; however, it shines as a feature-laden dog leash.

Dog Leash

Huck is interested in how this newfangled leash works.

By clipping this into the harness, you’ve just freed your hands from the leash! There are two padded loop handles to help you rein in your pooch when the need arises, but since it is otherwise attached to your harness, your dog will be with you wherever you go, and you can use your hands for other priorities.

Dog LifeHanlde

Here you can see the lower handle and the reinforced shock absorber.

The leash has a built-in shock absorber that, while still tough, provides a bit of stretch in the event that your pooch spots a squirrel, giving you the stability you need to not get pulled over. This same material houses several more daisy-chain loops where you can attach more items. It’s also been adorned with reflective fabric to help keep you and your pet visible at night.

This leash can handle up to 25 pounds of pull force—enough to hold back a large dog. All of these factors combine to make this one seriously comfortable way to walk, hike, or run with your dog.

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Dog Run LifeHandle

It’s much easier to run with a dog when you don’t have a leash in your hand.

Who is LifeHandle?

LifeHandle is an innovative brand that seeks to help make the outdoors and day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable for active families and dog owners.

Lifehandle Dog Leash

The Hands-Free Comfort Leash does well to distribute your dog’s pull force across your core.

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