LifeStraw Introduces New Peak 8L Gravity Filtration Systems

LifeStraw has launched a new line of large-capacity, high-flow-rate water filters that are durable enough to last in the outdoors and the wilderness.

The new Peak Series 8L Gravity Water Filter Systems are designed for extended use in the outdoors and offer high capacity, high flow rate filtration, and leak-proof water storage in an ultra-durable dromedary style bag.

The Peak 8L Gravity Filter, which is ideal for camping, RVing, overlanding, and adventure travel, can be used on its own or in conjunction with the 8L Safe Water Storage Bag to double the system’s capacity to 16L.

The 8L design can be used as a water filtration system that can filter all eight liters of water in less than 10 minutes while also serving as a leak-proof dromedary storage bag.

Alison Hill, CEO of LifeStraw, said this is the most versatile and robust outdoor system LifeStraw has ever made for reliable access to safe water in the backcountry, with over three years of development.

For quick hydration at basecamp, the system hangs from a tree or an RV, and it only takes one person of the crew to carry water thanks to the system’s simple carrying alternatives.

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