lululemon for the Holidays: Our Top 5 Outdoorsy Gift Selections

In 2022 lululemon made its foray into the wonderful world of hiking and adventure gear, and we are here for it! Whether you’re into yoga, running, or summiting mountains, lululemon has premium quality items that are as impressive as they are stylish.

lululemon is putting on a series of markdown events throughout the holiday season with exceptional scores and sensational finds for both the women and men on your holiday shopping list… or yourself!

To celebrate this, we’re going to run down five of our top picks from lululemon for this holiday season. So if top quality and exceptional fit are priorities to you, you’ll want to pay attention as we run down a few great pieces to nab, from accessories to bigger-ticket items.

5 Great Outdoorsy Gifts from lululemon

lululemon has few markdown events, but when they do, hold onto your butts—it’s guaranteed to be epic. lululemon Membership is easy and free to join with in-store exchanges on sale items and even more benefits.

Here are five items from lululemon we think you’re going to love.

New Crew Backpack 22L

Perfect as a carry-all or small pack for a day hike, the New Crew Backpack is really versatile and comfortable to wear for long stretches of time. With a streamlined design and simple pocket layout, lululemon’s thoughtful approach really shines. This backpack is great for anyone and really stands up to adventure!

See the New Crew 22L Backpack

Warp Light Packable Jacket

lululemon’s solution to a do-it-all softshell jacket is the Warp Light Jacket, and this piece might soon be your favorite! It is water-repellent, packs into its own pocket, and is super breathable. Oh yeah—it’s got a big back pocket too. The perfect place for your phone!

See the Warp Light Packable Jacket

Down For It All Jacket

Looking for a down jacket that’ll keep you warm on a ski tour, hike, or outing that won’t have you dripping with sweat ten minutes from the trailhead? lululemon’s Down For It All Jacket is packed with 700 fill down (meeting the Responsible Down Standard) and PrimaLoft insulation. It’s also highly breathable to abrasion resistant. Sleeves not your thing? lululemon has also created the Down For It All Vest.

See the women's Down For It All Jacket See the men's Down For It All Hoodie

Cold Terrain Hooded Gloves

These stretchy gloves are super versatile and tech-friendly. They are also made for your adventures, as they feature a stow-away wind and water-resistant hood, turning from glove to mitten in a snap! The internal fabric is brushed to a cozy and warm finish.

See the Cold Terrain Hooded Gloves

Close-Fit Wool-Blend Ribbed Knit Beanie

If you are a beanie connoisseur, you will want to snag one or two of lululemon’s perfect Close-Fit Wool-Blend Ribbed Knit Beanie. Not only are these beanies cute as heck, but they are also thick and warm without any of that annoying itchiness wool can sometimes create. The Ribbed Knit Beanie comes in an array of beautiful colors and will become a wardrobe staple in no time!

See the Close-Fit Wool-Blend Ribbed Knit Beanie Affiliate Policy: This guide contains affiliate links, which help fund our website. When you click on the links to purchase the gear, we get a commission, and this goes a long way to creating guides, gear reviews, and other excellent content.


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