lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag 1L Is Back In Stock

Have you been waiting to get your hands on the Everywhere Belt Bag 1L from lululemon? You’ll be happy to know that this versatile belt bag from lululemon is back in stock.

The Everywhere Belt Bag 1L is one of the most stylish and useful belt bags out there for athletic individuals.

Designed for people on the move, this belt bag is constructed of water-repellent materials, including its mesh and lining made entirely of recycled polyester, while the body is 100% nylon.

It’s a great choice for trail runs and day hikes as it’s perfectly sized to carry all of your snacks and small personal items like a phone, travel binoculars, or a first aid kit.

The bag features zippered pockets, an interior pocket, and an easy-access exterior pocket for your essentials.

There’s no need to carry your keys, wallet, and phone in your pockets — lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag 1L is the perfect fit for you.

If you prefer to carry your belongings in a different kind of bag, lululemon also offers a wide range of other practical belt bags.

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