March into the Mountains Giveaway! $2,600+ in Prizes

We have partnered with 10 incredible brands to give you first-class gear for spring!

Win over $2,600 in prizes! There will be two winners, First and Second Place. Enter with your email address, name, zip code, and age, and earn many additional entries by sharing with your friends, following participating brands on Instagram, and completing our Backpacker Type survey! The giveaway will run from March 24th to March 31st, 2022.

Enter the Giveaway below, and while you wait to see if you won, check out some of our best outdoor guides.

The Best Fleece Jackets


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Best Down Jackets

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March into the Mountains Giveaway Prizes

March into Mountains 2022

First Place

66°North – Tindur Shearling Fleece Jacket
Merrell – Moab Speed Hikers
Miraflora – $150 Gift Card
Omnia – Cooking Bundle
Readywise  – Adventure Meal Favorites Kit + 2 Day Adventure Bag
SylvanSport – $300 Gift Card
Ursack – Major XL Bear-Resistant Bag 
Vapur – $100 Gift Card

Best Backpacking Backpacks

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Second Place

GoBros – $200 Gift Card
Merrell – Whisper Rain Jacket
Miraflora – $150 Gift Card
Omnia – Cooking Bundle
ORCA Coolers – Walker 20 Can
Readywise – Adventure Meal Favorites Kit + 2 Day Adventure Bag
Ursack – Major XL Bear-Resistant Bag 
Vapur – $100 Gift Card Affiliate Policy: This post contains affiliate links, which help fund our website. When you click on the links to purchase the gear we get a commission, and this goes a long way to creating guides, gear reviews, and other excellent content.

Arthur McMahon

Arthur loves to walk. It's as simple as that. He believes walking is the best way to experience the world. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail was his first backpacking foray, and he hasn't stopped since. Follow his adventures and stories on Instagram.

65 responses to “March into the Mountains Giveaway! $2,600+ in Prizes

  1. Darlasays:

    I do walking trails during the day. I do not venture out after dark anymore because i live alone and no one to go with me. I do try to keep active though and the great outdoors is the best place for it. I love nature.

    1. Make 2022 the best. Outdoor activities are the best way to incorporate health,
      wellness into your life.Go to the mountains streams and camping.

  2. Gary Coultersays:

    So I have a new grandson; my first.
    His first name is FISHER :<)
    He'll be 4 yrs old in April
    He's already climbing rocks and talking about backpacking.
    My life and our family would not been what they are without the mountains and backpacking.
    Thank you!

  3. patk morrisonsays:

    I pretty much have and backpack alone. Set my own goals and my own speed.

    1. Davidsays:

      I love to backpack into less used areas and camp with my wife.

  4. K R Smithsays:

    have a good day go out

    1. Paula Staffordsays:

      I’m a outdoorsgirl. Love fishing hunting. Live in WV and love walking in woods especially when faa comes. I am a GlamWonderful WV gal. Ty.

    2. Mike Cummingssays:

      Love the opportunities that I get to trek off the beaten path. This giveaway features top notch products to make every one of those opportunities easier and more enjoyable.

  5. William A Andersonsays:

    I agree with Arthur, walking is the best way to experience the world. Added benefit, it’s great for the mind and body.

    1. SPsays:

      Walking, hiking, sustainability…all are vital during these times!

  6. Wayne Hansleysays:

    Just get out. Be it bike, boat, run or hike (can’t fly yet).

  7. Will make good use of ivory products you listed I enjoy the outdoors I can’t get enough of it

  8. John Sotosays:

    I’m 63 years Old, and I have found by being in nature, has revive me and in better health.

  9. I just love to get away from the city.

  10. outdoors adventures is what I live for. There’s so much to explore no matter where you want to start. I always stop on trails or where ever and look behind. Those are life memories to cherish and share with others.

  11. I just love to be outside into the wilderness away from the hustle and noise of the city

  12. Communing with nature revitalizes your spirit. Age 73

  13. Joachimsays:

    Whether I am hiking in Germany, Italy, California (home base), or any other beautiful location in the world, I can’t imagine a better way to really take in the beauty of where I am. Nature is perfection which helps the mind, body, and soul thrive.

    1. David Lambertsonsays:

      Amen brother.

  14. Tami M Batessays:

    Wow.nice contest

  15. Mailisays:

    When I need some time to think theres nothing better then packing a car up and going camping with some friends or going a nice long hike

  16. Ricksays:

    You Rock,
    Old man planning 2023 Appalachian Trail NOBO thru hike,could use a gear transfusion.

  17. I love to be out and about in the forests as much as I can and when hunting or fishing whether I get something or not it’s great to be outdoors just for the quiet and solitude, camping also has me enjoying the sounds of nature at it’s best.

  18. Donna Colesays:

    My husband and I love to pack up our camper and headed to the mountains as we live in Florida and don’t really get to see them to often. We love to take our two dogs on hikes and enjoy the scenery that nature has to offer.

  19. Cecesays:

    There is no replacement in the world for time spent with Mother Nature!

  20. Would love to win something for my grandsons.
    One is turning 10 in April and loves the outdoors.


  21. William McDougallsays:

    So many trails, so little time.

  22. Nancy A. Kapellensays:

    The best way to stay in shape both mentally and physically is to get outdoors! I and a group of friends support each other in everything we do. The group comes up with new adventures all the time. Our most recent adventure experience was in an orienteering event during winter/February, and it was a blast. You are never too old to try something new.

  23. Larry Hanflandsays:

    Hiking and Kayaking in the great outdoors ads photo opportunities of nature in its natural habitat. Being 79 it also keeps you feeling younger in spirit and body. Being fit and trim keeps you going.

  24. Sam Kushsays:

    That’s Cool <3

  25. Jay Hitchcocksays:

    Old school hiker who had a subscription back in the day looking to get into it again, trying to walk 2 miles every other day

  26. James Cardwellsays:

    At age 79 I still spend time in remote mountainous areas of far west Texas. I do use a UTV for part of my outings but walk many miles also . Thanks for having gluten free food items as I am afflicted with celiac disease !

  27. Kenneth Codysays:

    I consider myself a small time prepper out of her to be prepared it is better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it

  28. Carey Mooresays:

    After mastering the Sierra’s in the west, I migrated to the hill country of Texas where I have found endless trails and wonderful places for me and my dogs to explore.

  29. mark felmansays:

    If I could take Uber to the top of the mountain I would

    1. Buy yourself a used jeep and never again wait for an Uber to the great outdoors!

  30. Jan Piercesays:

    I am outdoors as much as possible. I teach on a floating classroom. I guide day hikes for women that have never ventured into the woods. I volunteer at Chattahoochee Bend State Park. I kayak, canoe, and camp. I am known for introducing new must-have camping equipment to my camping buddies.

  31. jeffrey jonsays:

    We love the outdoors. We moved to a place that is like a state park. We walk everyday, ride bikes, and enjoy the beauty of nature every chance we get. I take photos as often as I can to capture the beauty of nature that changes every day.

  32. I have been a backpacking for over 60 years

  33. Carolyn Barnettsays:

    Thank you for a chance!

  34. Thank you we deserve this nature to return to.

  35. John McClendonsays:

    dreat products & an even better prize ensenble!! Plan on taking a closer look for purchase soon. Good entering chances 2 everyone!!!

  36. John McClendonsays:

    Great products!

  37. Gailann Bordenetsays:

    Love to hike. It clears my thoughts when I look at nature. Riding my bike is great just can’t mountain bike anymore maybe I’ll be able to get an E bike.

  38. Jay Hitchcocksays:

    Hiking, backpacking since 1974, at this age it’s mostly walking throughout the week but want to get back into it.

  39. Mark Neislersays:

    I can’t access the entry form. It seems to be a dead link. Can you send me the proper web address?

    1. Hi Mark. The link appears to be working fine. Here it is—hopefully you can access it:

  40. Bill Alleysays:

    This “Old” Eagle Scout would love to win this sweeps. Would be very well used.

  41. Thanks for the invitation, I could really use the gear, my ex sold my gear when I had my first heart attack saying I’d never do it again. I’ve proved her wrong, I’m going again in 2 weeks once the river goes down.

  42. kevinsays:

    We love the Poconos (PA)

  43. Timothy Jenkinssays:

    love quiet solitude

  44. John Grosmansays:

    Pocanos absolutely rule!

  45. Wayne Walkersays:

    Sounds Like a Plan

  46. What a great way to show the grandkids a new way of live other than seated watching the TV, phone or tablet.
    I think they would love it just like I do. To be outside is so refreshing and enjoyable.

  47. Jerri Mayberrysays:

    Love hiking with my local hiking group”The Women Who Wonder” in NC , Va and TN. Hiking weekly, hopefully with gear appropriate for the adventure and maybe hitting a winery or brewery after the day ends. Love recruiting new hikers young and older….

  48. Don Wendellsays:

    I love the great outdoors!!

  49. […] More Two will win a share in over $2,600 in prizes!Sweepstakes ForumSign up to Receive NEW Sweepstakes Emailed […]

  50. We live in Fort Collins, CO. The mountains are only 15 minutes west by jeep. Almost a perfect place to live.

  51. Carolann McLaughlinsays:

    We purchased a campsite in a gated family campground and there are a lot of trails to venture on, but we haven’t been able to try them out with the COVID situation. Plan to hit the trails this summer. Have been camping almost all of my life and love it although because of age becoming more and more impossible is the reason I have switched to glamping, but still have my tents and love it.

  52. Beauxsays:

    Good luck to all!

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