Marmot Features Award-Winning WarmCube Technology

When you head down to the resort or out into the backcountry, Marmot can keep you warm throughout your day with their award-winning WarmCube technology.

By adapting to the contour of your body and trapping warm air adjacent to your skin, the award-winning insulation technology WarmCube increases the insulating capacity of down and synthetic fillings.

Each cube has a network of channels that hold warm body air, allowing you to feel warmer more quickly.

The Marmot WarmCube Active Alt HB Jacket is ideal for before-dawn ascents in search of untracked powder stashes and chilly storm laps at the resort.

With its ultra-lightweight construction, it is the perfect layer to throw under a shell when the next storm moves in without sacrificing mobility.

The incredibly versatile Marmot WarmCube GORE-TEX Golden Mantle Jacket keeps you warm and cozy when the temperatures drop, whether you are traveling in winter storms or relaxing by the campfire after a strenuous day of trekking.

No matter what your plans are for the day, if there’s a threat of nasty weather, the WarmCube GORE-TEX Golden Mantle Jacket is the ultimate choice before heading out.

Be able to enjoy any weather by purchasing an insulated outerwear item from Marmot’s exclusive selection at Backcountry at discounted prices.

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