Meet Active Threads: Activewear and Outdoor Apparel for Women by Women

If you are an outdoors person who enjoys feminine-looking and fitting clothing, you likely have a long list of gripes with the outdoor clothing industry. You want fun activewear that looks good as it feels, but outdoor gear marketed for women generally has a bit of a bad rap in terms of functionality, durability, and style. Active Threads is here to change that by providing outdoor apparel that you actually want to wear!

Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering things like:

Women hiking through fall foliage wearing Active Threads

Active Threads: Outdoor Clothing for Women, by Women

Active Threads hosts a specially curated list of multi-functional, durable, and responsibly made items from ethical brands to make it easier for women to find good gear easily (and hopefully never have to curse the color turquoise or non-functional pockets ever again). Cheers to that!

Active Threads: Functional, Fashionable, and Not Messing Around

Active Threads was founded by two outdoors-loving moms who worked for 25 years as buyers for a little company called Zappos. Their combined love of the outdoors and knowledge from curating brands led them to found a company with the goal of leading women straight to high-quality, functional, multi-purpose items. No more endless searching. No more researching reviews after endless scrolling. No more drawers full of too many single-purpose items. No more ugly items you use only for camping but would never dare wear in public. Basically, no more messing around!

Camper sits on a picnic bench

Cute, comfortable, practical.

Active Threads specially curates brands that fit the bill and have earned their trust, so you don’t have to continue to speed date different companies and products in trust exercises of your own.

Outdoor Apparel for Women: Easy Searching, Easy Finding

If Active Threads wants to go into making maps next, we’ll support it. They know how to lay things out! The website is incredibly well organized; you can search by brand, activity, item, or collection.

Female hiker stands with backpack in the desert

Activewear that’s as fun to wear as it is technically sound.

Everything is easy to find, and maybe more importantly, easy to look at. If you want to have hiking pants without looking like you are going on a safari with your uncles, you’ve found the right place to shop. You will not leave this gear buying experience with anything dorky — Active Threads simply won’t allow it.

Active Thread’s Bestsellers

Active Thread’s brand list includes the likes of Fjällräven, Black Diamond, Jet Boil, Gregory, Cotopaxi, Topo Designs, Parks Projects, Stanley, Deuter, PraNa, and Eureka, to name a few. Basically all the heavy hitters you could ask for. Check out the full list here: Brands.

Bestsellers include the seriously cool pair of Isabel 2.0 Hiking Pants from Wondery (hello pockets!), the very flashy but functional Cotopaxi Teca Half-Zip Windbreaker, and the no-quit seriously awesome Juno 24 H20 pack from Gregory.

If those items alone don’t convince you Active Threads means business, or shall we say pockets, we don’t know what will.

Active Threads Bestseller Assortment

It’s time to refresh the outdoor clothing in your gear closet!

Learn more about Active Threads, the outdoor gear for women they have on sale, and the company’s goal to build and serve a community of women who love to be active.

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Fi Luray

Fi is a writer, composer, songwriter, and outdoor enthusiast living in Scotland.

3 responses to “Meet Active Threads: Activewear and Outdoor Apparel for Women by Women

  1. Cookiesays:

    Wonder if they make stuff for fat women? As a very active but overweight woman my biggest complaint about active wear is its only for skinny women. Fat women want to look nice too when they exercise!

    1. Marisasays:

      Hi Cookie,

      Marisa and Bridget here, we are the founders of Active Threads. Thank you for reading the post and for the comment.

      We are proud to support size-inclusive brands and try to have an assortment to fit the needs of all. With that said we are a new company and far from perfect and understand we have a long way to go to round out our assortment. Currently, we offer a few brands with inclusive sizing including Girlfriend Collective, Wondery, Gregory, Prana, and Year of Ours to name a few. In terms of activewear, Girlfriend Collective offers activewear in sizes XXS-6X, and Year of Ours has several styles available up to a 3X.

      We are always trying to improve our offering and would love to hear input from customers on what apparel and gear they need to keep doing what they love. Please email us at [email protected] with ideas, suggestions, or brands you would like to see. We are here for our customers and are always open to feedback.

      Active Threads Team.

  2. Jadesays:

    How is the functionality proven? Is anyone who is frequently active in strenuous outdoor activities providing active gear feedback and testing? I would like to see products that are recommended by women who actually uses them. Right now from a peek at the website, I’m seeing more of an athleisure vibe.
    Excellent, well written article though, but I’m not sure if the selections lives up to the hype. For one, I’m supportive of recommended individual products than products from an entire brand in general.


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