Meet Featherstone: Ultralight and High-Performance Backpacking Gear

Getting outside can be hard, but the gear shouldn’t be one of the limiting factors; that’s the philosophy behind Featherstone. Featherstone focuses on backpacking gear for folks who want to explore—but who may not want to or aren’t able to drop $500+ on a new tent. 

Featherstone friends

This is Featherstone.

Featherstone’s founder, Will Liang, first got the idea on his first backpacking trip with a friend. From permits to gear to drive time, they couldn’t believe that they “spent $2000 to sleep on the ground”. While both enjoyed the trip, Will soon came to realize that getting other people out backpacking can be very difficult.

This brought to question — if the costs to experience nature are so high, how could more people get into the outdoors with such a high barrier to entry? It’s from that concept Featherstone was born and is now thriving. 

Featherstone: Boundless By Nature

Featherstone started out to make outdoor gear more accessible and affordable for folks, but it didn’t stop there. They truly embody their value of “being boundless by nature.”  The brand’s focus on durability, comfort, and weight is to ensure that once someone has their gear, they want to continue to use it. Featherstone knows that comfort plays into a large scope of people wanting to return to nature, so the brand’s gear is created with this in mind. 

Featherstone Tent

Featherstone offers several roomy, ultralight tents.

The Outdoors Welcomes All

Gear, while a main concern, isn’t the only limiting factor when it comes to exploring nature. Another major part is knowledge or the lack of it. Knowledge of where, when, and how to get the permits, knowledge of how to plan a backpacking trip, and even the knowledge of using the gear is what stops many folks from participating in experiences should be open to everyone. 

To combat this, Featherstone fosters community, with the goal of putting out as much information as possible. The company wants to equip its customers with not only the right gear but the right knowledge. Featherstone frequently hosts and sponsors local group meetups and sends out newsletters to prepare customers for planning their first trip. 

Featherstone Tent Setup

Oh, the places you’ll go.

The Featherstone Lineup

Featherstone creates its products with a focus on comfort and performance specifically tuned for backpacking. Any and every backpacker, from beginners to experienced ultralight thru-hikers, will be delighted by the brand’s high-performance products. 

Featherstone Bag

Comfort + Performance = Featherstone.


Currently, Featherstone features three 3-season tents: two 2-persons and one 1-person. These tents are built around the idea that current tents on the market can make backpackers feel claustrophobic. In the design of these tents, Featherstone has taken weight into high consideration while offering a design with the most space possible. What’s more, the 20D nylon fabric is incredibly durable, allowing the tent to be used year after year. 

Keep an eye out in the future for Featherstone’s upcoming 2 new trekking pole tents. 

Sleeping Bags 

Featherstone takes a quilted approach to sleeping bags, offering two exceptional quilts, each rated at 25 degrees F. These compressible quilts offer more room for their customers while sleeping, allowing for a more comfortable and restful night. 

Sleeping Pad 

Currently, Featherstone has one sleeping pad in its lineup. This traditional foam pad takes a new approach with patterning, allowing for more coverage and resiliency when lying on it.  

Prefer inflatable sleeping pads? Featherstone’s latest project on the horizon is just that. This sleeping pad takes the innovative mindset that is behind the rest of Featherstone’s products and will be dual-chambered (just like two sleeping pads merged into one) to combat cold air deflation.

Featherstone Backpacking

Gear up with Featherstone for your next adventure!

Discover Featherstone for Yourself

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