Meet the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket: A Poncho in Disguise

Have you ever found yourself shivering beside an evening campfire, hand outstretched toward the flames seeking an extra bit of warmth? Was the chilly air of the night nipping at your exposed ears? Did you head into your tent early to find the warm embrace of your sleeping bag?

Such is the fate of many unprepared campers. It happens to the best of us. To solve the cold campground dilemma, wrap yourself in the warm confines of the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket. More than any ordinary blanket, the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket is an adaptable piece of camping kit that effortlessly transforms from an insulated camping blanket into a snuggly and breathable poncho.

Breathable Poncho 686

Is it a blanket? Is it a poncho? It’s both! Meet the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket.

This double-sided blanket features a packable hood that’s stuffed inside the outer edge of the blanket, and, with the help of a couple of convenient clips, it can easily be worn while you rest by the campfire, stroll around the campground, or go for a short sunset hike.

See the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket

Puffer Blanket

The robust fabric and quality stitching are sure signs of long-term durability.

Unique Features of the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket

Let’s start with what’s in the name—the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket comprises two layers of infiDRY 10k waterproof and windproof fabric on each side, the same fabric used in 686’s waterproof jackets and pants. Plus, though this blanket will keep out the wind and rain, it’s breathable, meaning you’ll stay dry underneath, too.

686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket

A double-stitched hem is what we like to see.

Each side of the blanket has been coated with a water and stain-resistant DWR finish for enhanced elemental protection. Inside, a plush 160g of synthetic insulation provides a thermal layer of protection between you and the air or ground.

These factors alone make the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket an excellent option for summer picnics in the grass, fall boondocking, and winter camping. The blanket measures 75 inches long by 54 inches wide, just the right size for two to cuddle under in their tent or for one person to sprawl out upon and relax.

A Blanket That Converts Into a Waterproof Poncho

There’s something to be said for versatility—it’s awesome! Hidden within a velcro-enclosed pocket is a packable hood that transforms the blanket into an insulated poncho. The hood is just as waterproof and breathable as the rest of the blanket, so you’ll be sure to stay dry and warm while wearing it.

Hooded Poncho 686

Long enough to cover you from head to toe.

This blanket is impressively practical. Being waterproof, this blanket can be set directly on wet grass or in the snow. Then, if it starts raining, you can unroll the hood and cover yourself in its protective warmth.

686 Puffer Blanket Waterproof

DWR in action!

In addition to the hood, there are two adjustable clips for hands-free poncho use. When wearing the blanket as a poncho, the clips are located near the upper portions of your belly and chest so that you can clasp it to a snug fit to keep out any blustery weather.

There’s even a fleece-lined phone pocket that securely shuts with velcro. This nifty nook can keep your phone and other personal effects dry and within easy reach, whether it’s in poncho or blanket form.

686 Puffer Phone Pocket

The convenient phone pocket and one of the poncho clips.

Some might say the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blank is the ultimate car camping and road-tripping blanket. It comes with a high-quality stuff sack and will be a useful addition to your car camping gear kit.

See the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket

686 Puffer Blanket Road Trip

Gear up and get outside!

Who is 686?

686 is an innovative creator of performance outdoor apparel and accessories. An independent organization, 686 is committed to providing the best performance products possible while fostering an inclusive culture internally and outdoors, building up communities around the world, and marching toward a more sustainable future.

See the 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket, and learn more about 686.

Puffer Blanket

The 686 Waterproof Hooded Puffer Blanket is the right blanket for any outdoor situation.

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  1. Stan Carrollsays:

    That would be pretty awesome to have while hunting on cold days but price is a little steep for something I could have the wife make.

  2. A. Smithsays:

    Not sure who this is aimed at…$170 and nearly 4 pounds it won’t be going in anyone’s backpack. Looks like a nice product though. Where is it made?

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