Meet the Ignik FireCan: A Portable Propane-Powered Firepit

Have fire regulations ever put a damper on your campfire plans? Has a lack of dry firewood ever stomped out any hope of an evening beside a fire with your friends?

Then you may want to get your hands on an Ignik FireCan. This compact, propane-fueled firepit can be used to bring the warmth and ambiance of a campfire anywhere from the campground to your backyard patio. Since it’s gas-powered, it can be used when wood fires are banned, and its ammo can design is as safe as it is functional.


Introducting the Ignik FireCan.

Have yourself a safer, more contained campfire experience with the Ignik FireCan. It’s easy to pack, easy to use, and poses much less risk of starting a wildfire than a traditional dirt pit wood fire.

See the Ignik FireCan

Unique Features of Ignik FireCan

The Ignik FireCan is made of heavy-duty steel with a high-temperature powder coating that enhances the stove’s durability. Despite its robust construction, the entire FireCan weighs only a hair over 11 pounds.


Super sturdy. Surprisingly portable.

Measuring 15.3 x 11.4 x 7.1 inches, the FireCan is fairly compact, which makes it easy to store and transport. To enhance its portability even further, Ignik has made it so that the legs fold underneath the unit, and the removable lid features a convenient carry handle.

Designed With You in Mind

To replicate the campfire experience, an attractive mesh design has been cut into the steel walls of the Ignik FireCan to improve flame visibility and the emanation of the radiant heat. The adjustable flame can be dialed in to just the right amount of power to provide you with the warmth and ambiance you seek.


We could watch that flame dance all night long.

No tools are needed to operate the FireCan—a four-foot hose with quick-connect fittings has been included that can be easily hooked up to the Ignik Gas Growler or any standard five-pound or 20-pound propane tank.

Gas Growler

Connect the FireCan to the Ignik Gas Growler or any standard propane tank.

At full blast, the Ignik FireCan will maintain a brilliant flame for about two and a half hours with a five-pound propane can; at its lowest setting, you may get up to four hours of continuous use.

Ignik FireCan flame

For some, the best times are those spent beside a fire.

But no matter how big of a flame you desire, the Ignik FireCan can be used in situations when burn bans are in effect, but propane stoves are allowed. The FireCan is designed to UL and CSA safety standards so that you can enjoy a safe and inviting fire without worry.

See the Ignik FireCan

Who Is Ignik?

Ignik makes high-quality, environmentally thoughtful heating products for the wilderness. The company’s mission is to enable more folks to get outside earlier and remain outside longer. Ignik is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. The company seeks to create products that work well for its customers and the planet.


Where will your next fire be?

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