Merrell's Great Outdoors Month: Join the Challenge and Giveaway

Merrell is on a mission to make the great outdoors more approachable and accessible for everyone. The Great Outdoors Month is a celebration of all things outdoors, and it is an invitation to take whatever you love to do indoors outside.

The great outdoors is far more than alpine mountain trails and rugged backcountry—the outdoors is also your favorite lakeside campground, the neighborhood park, and even your own backyard. Gatekeeping begone! The great outdoors is everywhere, and it is for everyone.

And each of us is entitled to all of the wonderful feelings that spending time outside, either alone or with others, can bring.

Merrell Reading

Does spending some time with a tree count as being alone?

Merrell’s Great Outdoors Month

Merrell’s main thrust for this campaign is to showcase how everything, and they mean everything, is greater outdoors. From movie nights and sleepovers to reading and writing—including the creation of this article—all of it is made better simply by taking it outside.

Merrell Yoga

Take the yoga mat outside for a change of scenery!

The reason for this is because what has traditionally been considered to be “The Great Outdoors” hasn’t always been accessible for everyone. Not all people are able to backpack over miles of treacherous terrain or hike to a mountain’s peak. Some are even unable to make it out to the popular trailheads and outdoor spaces that many of us may take for granted.

Merrell Gardening

It’s a fact: gardening is more fun when you’re outside with the garden.

That’s why Merrell wants you to bring what you love about the indoors and take it outside to make it even better no matter your location or station in life.

Merrell Great Outdoors

National or local—nothing beats a walk in the park.

The Great Outdoors Month Challenge

This June, Merrell is inviting everyone to experience the positive benefits of heading outside in new ways. By simply doing everyday indoor tasks and activities outdoors, you’re sure to enjoy it more.

Merrell Beach

It’s not all about the shoes.

Merrell is encouraging all of us to step outside and participate in entertaining pursuits such as backyard gaming, forest jam sessions, and sleeping under the stars. It doesn’t matter how far you travel or how “ordinary” your activity may seem.

The challenge is in discovering what indoor activities you can bring outdoors and how they are made even better by being outside. Merrell is asking participants to show off their good times during Great Outdoors Month by sharing their photos and content using the hashtag #DoItOutdoorsChallenge.

Merrell Camp

Get the entire family to celebrate Great Outdoors Month.

The Giveaway

To kick off this celebration of all outdoor accessibility, Merrell has partnered with to put together a giveaway where four winners will each win a $600 Merrell gift card as well as a credit to use at where you can take the indoors with you wherever you roam.

Merrell’s Casual Shoes Make the Outdoors Cozy

Whether you’re interested in a versatile street shoe such as the Alpine Sneaker (see men’s and women’s) or a go-anywhere summer water and hiking shoe like the Hydro Moc (see men’s and women’s), Merrell is your go-to source for casual outdoor footwear.

Remember to share your outdoor exploits with the hashtag #DoItOutdoorsChallenge on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and wherever else you post your social activities. If you want to go the extra mile, read up on Merrell’s Step Further initiative.

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