Midland GXT67 PRO: Your Handheld Communication Powerhouse

Midland has announced the launch of the GXT67 PRO, a two-way radio designed to be your reliable communication companion in any situation.

This handheld powerhouse boasts exceptional features that cater to a variety of needs, making it ideal for agriculture, off-road adventures, outdoor activities, and emergency preparedness.

Boost Efficiency and Safety on the Farm or Ranch

The GXT67 PRO’s shining feature is its repeater capability.

This allows you to extend the range of your radio signal, ensuring clear and consistent communication across vast distances.

Whether you’re coordinating tasks with your team or keeping in touch during emergencies, the GXT67 PRO keeps you connected on the farm or ranch.

Conquer the Off-Road with Seamless Communication

The GXT67 PRO is built for adventure. Its powerful 5-watt transmission provides ample range for off-road enthusiasts.

Stay connected with your fellow riders during spotting and recovery situations, ensuring a safe and enjoyable off-road experience.

Built to Withstand the Elements

A true outdoor companion, the GXT67 PRO has an impressive IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating.

This radio can handle anything you throw at it while you are hiking terrains, braving the rain, or navigating dusty trails.

The GXT67 PRO will keep you communicating clearly no matter the conditions.

Stay Prepared for Emergencies

Don’t let unreliable cell service disrupt your communication during emergencies.

The GXT67 PRO offers a dependable way to stay connected with loved ones before, during, and after a storm or other unforeseen circumstances.

Power Your Way with the GXT67 PRO

The GXT67 PRO is designed for ease of use and long-lasting performance:

Take control of your communication. Explore the GXT67 PRO on the Midland website today and discover how it can empower your next adventure.

Images courtesy of Midland

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