Midland's GXT3000: The Walkie Talkie That Goes the Distance

Frustrated with dropped calls and unreliable cell service? Midland’s new GXT3000 walkie talkie is here to save the day.

This feature-packed device offers crystal-clear communication, extended range, and long-lasting battery life, making it the perfect companion for anyone who ventures beyond the reach of cell towers.

Repeater Capability Extends Your Reach

The GXT3000 boasts a game-changing advantage: repeater capability.

This means you can extend the range of your two-way radio signal by bouncing it off a repeater tower.

This allows you to stay connected over vast distances – perfect for sprawling farms or remote adventures.

Midland's GXT3000 Radios

Built to Last: Long Battery Life and Durable Design

The GXT3000 is built to endure. With an impressive 18 hours of battery life on a single charge, you can stay connected throughout your workday or weekend adventure.

Plus, the walkie talkie is water-resistant with a JIS4 rating, meaning it can withstand splashes and light rain.

The Midland's GXT3000 clipped onto farmers trousers

Recharge and Ready in No Time

Even when the battery runs low, the GXT3000 won’t slow you down.

The rapid charge feature lets you replenish the battery in just 4 hours, ensuring you’re back in touch quickly.

LED Flashlight for Added Convenience

The GXT3000 integrates a handy LED flashlight with an easy-to-use on/off button, providing extra illumination when needed.

The Midland's GXT3000 being used in an emergency

Stay Connected When It Matters Most

The GXT3000 offers a dependable communication solution, providing crystal-clear calls with its long-lasting battery life.

Whether you’re preparing for a storm, navigating an unexpected situation, or simply need a reliable backup to your phone, the GXT3000 keeps you connected.

Head to your local Midland retailer or check their website to learn more about the GXT3000.

Images courtesy of Midland

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