MiiR Unveils Climate+ Collection: Pioneering Responsible Drinkware

MiiR, a leading innovator in the drinkware industry, has unveiled its latest eco-friendly offering, the Climate+ Collection.

This new line of responsible drinkware is making waves with its impressive sustainability features.

The Climate+ Collection

The Climate+ Collection stands out in its class by incorporating 25% less stainless steel and completely eliminating new plastic in its construction.

What’s more, it proudly boasts a remarkable carbon footprint offset of 110%.

This commitment to environmental responsibility extends to its BPA-free composition and fingerprint-resistant design.

Consumers now have the opportunity to choose from three different sizes within the Climate+ Collection.

The 12oz Tumbler is available at an affordable $24.95, the 16oz Tumbler at $29.95, and the 20oz Wide Mouth option is priced at $39.95.

MiiR’s collection reflects the brand’s unwavering dedication to both the planet and its customers.

Despite its ultralight and ultra-responsible design, the collection maintains the exceptional insulation and durability found in MiiR’s classic drinkware offerings.

miir Climate+ Collection

With the launch of the Climate+ Collection, MiiR continues to pave the way for responsible drinkware, setting a high standard for sustainability and quality in the industry.

Images courtesy of MiiR

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