Mission Workshop Introduces Cutting-Edge Flow Cycling Collection

In an exciting leap forward for cycling enthusiasts, Mission Workshop has proudly introduced the captivating Flow Collection.

This collection is a limited edition ensemble that boasts the Mission Pro Bib and Mission Pro Jersey as its star offerings.

Drawing inspiration from the exhilarating experience of swift traversal across desert and forest terrains, the Flow Collection showcases captivating graphics that mirror the sensation of high-speed movement.

The Flow Bib

Experience high-speed inspiration with the limited edition Mission Pro Bib, adorned with graphics that capture the thrill of desert and forest landscapes.

Just like its standard counterpart, the Flow edition blends Dyneema side panels with premium Italian fabrics, resulting in a breathable, fast-drying, and exceptionally robust cycling bib.

Boasting convenient side cargo pockets and dual rear touring pockets, it ensures easy access and ample space for all your riding essentials.

The Flow Jersey

The exclusive Mission Pro Jersey limited edition showcases graphics influenced by swift motion across desert and forest settings.

Similar to the regular Mission Pro version, the Flow Jersey is crafted for a streamlined fit, ensuring both body type and biking posture are accommodated with ultimate comfort.

Notable features encompass an elongated back panel for drop position coverage, a non-restrictive low collar, and a neck sweatband.

Whether leading the pack or embarking on daily off-road journeys, this jersey offers an impeccable fit.

Made in Italy

You may mix and match the solid bibs, jerseys, and tech shirts from the Flow collection with those from the Mission Workshop inline cycling series.

Crafted in Italy using high-performance fabrics, the bibs and jerseys ensure breathability, rapid drying, and an ideal blend of compression and flexibility for extended periods on the bike.

Check out this amazing collection exclusively at missionworkshop.com.

Images courtesy of Mission Workshop

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