Moment Introduces Long Weekend Collection With Moss Colorway

Moment has unveiled the fourth installment of its popular Long Weekend collection.

This latest “drop” introduces a brand new colorway – Moss – for some of Moment’s core items: the 35mm Film Camera, Morro Convertible Backpack, and Santa Fe Sling.

Capture Moments with the 35mm Film Camera

The versatile 35mm Film Camera remains at the heart of the Long Weekend collection.

This camera, now available in a sleek Moss finish, offers a no-frills approach to capturing memories on film.

Featuring a reusable 35mm film format, a simple focus-free lens, and a built-in flash, it’s perfect for photographers of all skill levels.

Morro Convertible Backpack: Built for Adventure

Adventure awaits, and the Morro Convertible Backpack in Moss is ready to answer the call.

Designed with the needs of photographers on the go in mind, this backpack boasts multiple access points for quick gear retrieval, dedicated laptop compartments to keep your tech safe, and weatherproof materials that shrug off the elements.

Whether you’re navigating bustling city streets or traversing muddy wilderness trails, the Morro Backpack ensures your camera, lenses, and essential supplies are protected and organized.

Santa Fe Sling: Compact Comfort

The Santa Fe Sling bag is perfect for day trips, errands, or situations where a bulkier backpack feels cumbersome.

It features an adjustable strap for comfortable carrying, a secure zip closure to keep your belongings safe, and quick-access pockets for frequently used items.

Constructed with recycled nylon and ripstop materials, the Santa Fe Sling is both sustainable and built to endure everyday use.

Find Your Perfect Gear Combination

The arrival of the Moss collection offers photographers the chance to create a cohesive set of camera equipment with a stylish, nature-inspired aesthetic.

The earthy tones of the new colorway perfectly complement the natural world, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts

The Long Weekend collection, including the new Moss offerings, is available now on the Moment website.

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