MSR Launches New Hubba Hubba Bikepacking Series of Tents

MSR (Mountain Safety Research) has released its latest innovation tailored specifically for the cycling community: the Hubba Hubba Bikepacking Series of Tents.

Building on the acclaimed Hubba Hubba design, this series introduces cycle-specific features to enhance the outdoor experience for adventurous cyclists.

Hubba Hubba Bikepacking Tent: The Perfect Shelter for Adventurers

Key features include a handlebar stuff sack for convenient storage, shortened tent poles to accommodate smaller spaces, and interior and exterior clotheslines for drying out gear after rainy or sweaty rides.

The Hubba Hubba Bikepack 1-Person Tent is meticulously designed for solo cyclists, offering a blend of thoughtful features and spacious performance.

Meanwhile, the Hubba Hubba Bikepack 2-Person Tent caters to pairs of adventurers, providing comfort and functionality for extended bikepacking trips.

Whether tackling dirt trails or pavement, these tents promise to be the ultimate home-away-from-home for bikepackers, offering comfort in camp and minimal interference while mounted on handlebars.

MSR continues to push the boundaries of outdoor gear innovation, providing cyclists with reliable shelter for their two-wheeled adventures.

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