Murf Electric Bikes: The Higgs Cargo Deep Dive

Meet The Higgs Cargo from the Murf Electric Bikes, where functionality meets freedom on two wheels. The Higgs Cargo is more than an electric bike; it’s a dependable travel partner designed to seamlessly navigate both city streets and rugged trails alike with a simple step-through and ride approach.

The Higgs Cargo is a beacon of innovation in the electric bike space, offering a perfect harmony between user-friendly features and advanced biking technology. Just step through, press the throttle, and you’re propelled forward with ease, all while enjoying the thrill of the ride.

Higgs Cargo e-bike

Testing the Higgs Cargo e-bike.

This e-bike isn’t just about getting from point A to B; it’s about the journey in between. With fat tires designed for exceptional adaptability across diverse terrains, a built-in cargo rack for all your gear, and a battery that keeps you going for up to 50 miles, the Higgs Cargo is as versatile as it is robust.

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Murf Electric Bikes: The Higgs Cargo Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Speed 20 MPH Capable of brisk rides, reducing travel time.
Range 25-50 Miles Long-distance coverage on a single charge, ideal for daily commutes or leisurely tours.
Power 750W Strong motor power for reliable and efficient riding performance.
Pedal Assist Five-Level Customizable support to suit different riding preferences and conditions.
Throttle Thumb Effortless acceleration at the push of a button.
Headlight Integrated Super Bright Headlight 1080 Lumens Bright illumination for safer nighttime rides.
Battery 52-Volt, 15 Amp-Hour High voltage for powerful and enduring rides.
Tires 20″ x 4″ Fat Tire Improved traction and stability, suitable for varied terrains.
Brakes Hydraulic Disk Brakes Superior stopping power for increased safety.
Class Class 2 Throttle assisted with a max speed of 20mph
Speed Settings 7-Speed Shimano Gear System Allows the bike to adapt to rough conditions and inclines
Warranty Two-Year Assurance of quality and longevity.
Size Adjustability Fits riders 5’1″ to 6’4″ Accommodates a wide range of rider heights for a comfortable fit.
Integrated Cargo Platform Yes Allows for versatile cargo options and accessory attachments.
Display High-Resolution Clear Navigation Easy monitoring of ride metrics for a controlled experience.
Retail Price $2895 The Higgs Cargo currently costs $2895. Additional accessories can be purchased separately.

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Unique Features of The Higgs Cargo E-bike

The Higgs Cargo seamlessly blends accessibility with a smooth, intuitive ride. It distinguishes itself with a step-through frame for easy mounting, adjustable sizing that caters to riders of various heights, and a seamlessly integrated cargo platform for the hassle-free transportation of gear or even an extra passenger.

One Bike, All Sizes

One of the Higgs Cargo’s standout attributes is its remarkable adaptability in sizing. With an adjustable design, it accommodates a wide height range — it’s the perfect fit for individuals who stand between 5’1″ and 6’4″.

This flexibility ensures that whether you’re on the petite side or towering over the crowd, the Higgs Cargo can be tailored to offer the same level of comfort and efficiency. It’s this versatility that positions the Higgs Cargo as an inclusive option for all, potentially making it one of the most user-friendly e-bikes on the market.

Cargo Platform

As the name suggests, The Higgs Cargo is equipped with an integrated cargo platform built for strength and utility. Constructed with a sturdy aluminum frame and topped with a bamboo cover, this platform is designed to handle various loads efficiently.

The bamboo adds a sustainable touch to the design, while the aluminum ensures durability. This cargo platform is seamlessly integrated into the bike’s structure, providing stability and ease of use. It’s an effective solution for transporting goods, combining practicality and durability, making the Higgs Cargo suitable for a wide range of every day and adventurous tasks.

High-Resolution LCD Display

At the heart of the Murf’s user interface is a high-resolution LCD display that presents crucial riding metrics with pristine clarity. It’s an indispensable feature that puts information like speed, remaining battery, and distance at your fingertips.

This crisp display ensures you have all the vital details in your line of sight, seamlessly integrating technology into your travel to keep you informed and focused on the journey ahead.

higgs lcd

A crisp LCD screen even when the sun is shining.

How The Higgs Cargo Compares to Other E-bikes

Embarking on the search for the perfect e-bike can be as daunting as it is exciting, given the plethora of options available. To streamline your decision-making, let’s see how the Murf Electric Bikes: Higgs Cargo stands out from the pack, comparing it with some of the top contenders in the e-bike market.

A fun and practical class 2 e-bike.

Murf Electric Bikes: The Higgs Cargo vs. Hiboy EX6

The Higgs Cargo e-bike distinguishes itself from the Hiboy EX6 in several key areas that enhance the riding experience. The Higgs Cargo’s exceptional range of rider height accommodation—from 5’1” to 6’4”—is unmatched by the EX6’s 5’5″ to 6’5″ recommendation. This inclusivity invites a broader demographic to enjoy the ride, regardless of size.

In terms of user interface, the Higgs Cargo stands out with its high-resolution LCD display, providing riders with a crystal-clear view of biking metrics. This feature sets the bike apart, especially when contrasted with the EX6, which lacks a display altogether. Riders of the Higgs Cargo benefit from instant feedback on speed, battery life, and more, enhancing the riding experience with this advanced user interface.

With a focus on both performance and rider-centric design, the Higgs Cargo holds its ground as a superior option for those seeking a blend of comfort, adaptability, and modern e-bike technology.

Murf Electric Bikes: The Higgs Cargo vs. X-Treme Boulderado

When assessing the range capabilities between the Murf Electric Bikes Higgs Cargo and the X-Treme Boulderado, the Higgs Cargo shines with its superior mileage.

While the Boulderado offers a respectable 25-30 mile range on low pedal assist settings and flat terrain, the Higgs Cargo sets itself apart with a generous range, accommodating rides between 25-50 miles on a single charge. This extended range is a testament to the Higgs Cargo’s robust and efficient battery system, which not only offers enhanced range capacity but ensures that riders can enjoy longer journeys with fewer interruptions, a crucial feature for those looking to push the boundaries of their adventures.

Murf Electric Bikes: The Higgs Cargo vs. Eunorau G30

In comparison with the Eunorau G30, the Murf Electric Bikes Higgs Cargo distinguishes itself again primarily in terms of range. Much like its advantage over the X-Treme Boulderado, the Higgs Cargo far outperforms the G30, offering a 25-50 mile range, which is significantly higher than the G30’s 30-mile cap.

Another area where the Higgs Cargo excels is its display unit, which features high-resolution clarity and intuitive navigation, surpassing the Eunorau G30’s CDC6 LCD display. This premium screen ensures all crucial riding metrics, such as speed, battery level, and power output, are easily monitored, enhancing the rider’s experience, especially on longer trips.

In summary, the Higgs Cargo’s extended mileage and more sophisticated display underscore its benefits over the G30, presenting a compelling choice for riders looking for enhanced distance capabilities and a more engaging ride experience.

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Who is Murf Electric Bikes?

The brand’s inception was driven by a passion for surfing and a need for more efficient access to favored spots, but it has since transcended the surf scene. With their robust build, reliable performance, and commitment to using premium components, Murf Electric Bikes has become synonymous with the spirit of adventure, offering high-quality, stylish electric cruisers designed for those who seek both the thrill of the journey and the ease of modern technology.

See Murf Electric Bikes: The Higgs Cargo, and learn more about Murf Electric Bikes.

Writing by Steve Cleverdon. Images and testing by Amanda Collins.

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