NEMO Equipment Launches Double Haul Convertible Duffel and Tote for Adventurers

NEMO Equipment has introduced its latest innovation, the Double Haul Convertible Duffel and Tote, offering outdoor enthusiasts a versatile and durable solution for their travel needs.

Designed with durability and functionality in mind, the Double Haul duffels are engineered to withstand the toughest adventures while keeping gear organized and easily accessible.

Introducing the Double Haul Convertible Duffel and Tote

This revolutionary carry-all combines the functionality of a duffel bag and a tote bag, providing users with flexibility for various situations.

Its spacious opening ensures easy packing, while the bag can be transformed into a duffel for long journeys or air travel, complete with backpack straps for convenient carrying.

Additionally, the tote bag handles can be deployed for extra capacity and effortless organization when needed.

Available in sizes ranging from 30L to 100L, the Double Haul caters to different travel requirements, whether it’s a full day followed by the gym or a quick overnight trip.

With its rugged construction and thoughtful design features, the Double Haul stands ready to accompany adventurers on any journey they embark upon.

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