NEMO Unveils New Car Camping Gear for 2022

Award-winning outdoor gear company NEMO has announced its 2022 line of luxury car camping gear.

This new collection is guaranteed to turn your next camping trip into a more enjoyable, comfortable, and unforgettable experience.

The Aurora Highrise 4P/6P tent brings a dose of fun to every family camping excursion with its roomy standing-height design, simple assembly, and colorful colors.

Aurora Highrise 4P/6P tent

The Switch Multi-Configuration 2P Tent and Shelter, with its unique freestanding tent design that offers three setup options: tent, screen house, and sunshade, can effortlessly convert to handle your activity requirements.

The Victory Patio Blanket is a PFC-free fabric top sheet made of 100 percent recycled polyester that fits in the Nemo Switch tent and Victory Sunshade shelters and has a large or medium footprint.

The Victory Picnic Blanket has been upgraded to include a flannel top with a waterproof bottom, an inside thin foam layer, and a blanket roll with an aluminum closure that doubles as a bottle opener and carrying handle.

The Jazz Synthetic Sleeping Bag, which is available in single or double sizes, has an overfilled blanket and a featherbed-style bottom that is insulated with 100 percent recycled Stratofiber synthetic insulation.

With a lower center of gravity and an extended fit range, the Stargaze Recliner Luxury provides additional comfort and stability.

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