New ExpeDRY Sleeping Bags from Katabatic and Marmot

A new leap forward in down insulation technology — Now you can enjoy the benefits of ExpeDRY  with a new sleeping bag from ALLIED Feather + Down (the world’s largest supplier of ethically sourced down insulation) and FUZE Technologies (creators of a chemical-free, gold-powered, fast-drying textile finish).

The brand-new ExpeDRY down technology is incredibly warm and comfortable. It’s the next generation of chemical-free, high-performance down insulation. In real-world situations, ExpeDRY outperforms all hydrophobic down insulations currently on the market.

Katabatic and Marmot are among the first to include this new down tech in their sleeping bags.

Katabatic Flex 22°F Quilt with ExpeDRY

Katabatic’s Flex 22°F Quilt, which is lined with ExpeDRY down insulation, is a versatile blanket-style sleeping bag that expertly balances warmth, breathability, and flexibility.

The unique foot box closure keeps feet toasty, a down-filled collar blocks drafts, and the Katabatic sleeping pad connection mechanism keeps you focused on your sleep pad.

A genuinely versatile and individualized sleep solution, the zipped foot box enables you to transform this bag into a blanket when you need some ventilation and offers many possibilities in between.

The ExpeDRY 900 fill power goose or ExpeDRY 850 fill power duck down is made to order in six different sizes.

Key features include:

Marmot Helium 15° Sleeping Bag with ExpeDRY

The Marmot Helium 15° sleeping bag, a part of Marmot’s “gas bag” collection, is insulated with 800 fill ExpeDRY down insulation, which is light, warm, and compact.

The sleeping bag is made to fit neatly into any overnight pack and has an ideal ISO-tested comfort far below freezing.

Dual zippers offer adjustable ventilation for warmer evenings.

You may rely on the quick-drying ExpeDRY to function as a bivvy bag on chilly, wet, or icy ground or ledges if traveling tentless is your intention.

Key features include:

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