New KULA 10 Cooler from BOTE Is Your Ultimate Adventure Buddy

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new cooler, then look no further than this new model from BOTE.

Whether you’re heading to the beach, on a long weekend camping trip, or just want to enjoy ice-cold drinks on a hot day, the new KULA 10 is your new best friend.

BOTE’s New 10 Gallon KULA Cooler

Boasting an impressive capacity of 10 gallons, the KULA 10 sets a new standard for size and functionality.

The KULA 10 is the biggest cooler in the lineup thus far, joining its predecessors, the KULA 5 and KULA 2.5, in the KULA series.

Outdoor enthusiasts now have plenty of space to keep their supplies for long trips thanks to this significant upgrade.

Similar to the KULA 2.5 and 5, the KULA 10 has received gator-proof certification from the Gator Proof Alliance.

The KULA 10’s incorporation of two MAGNEPOD attachment points, which are specially made to support magnetic attachments, is one of its distinguishing characteristics.

The MAGNEBoom waterproof speakers and the MAGNEPOD drinkware may be attached magnetically to these attachment points in an easy and safe manner.

Additionally, a brand-new accessory kit is completely compatible with the KULA 10. This set comes with necessary supplies, including a cutting board, ice pack, and basket.

Users may maximize their options for outdoor eating and beverage storage and increase the cooler’s versatility with these extra attachments.

Other product features include:

The KULA 10 accessory kit includes one ice pack, one storage basket, and one cutting board.

Seven hues are available for the new KULA 10: Olive, Graphite, Citron, Bug Slinger Steel Blue, Seafoam, Sedona, and Yellow.

Whether you’re planning a leisurely beach picnic or an exhilarating outdoor excursion, the KULA 10 is the ideal travel companion to keep beverages cool and spirits up.

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