New Year New Gear Guide 2024

Happy New Year…or should we say, New Gear! Welcome to 2024.

If your new year stirs up feelings of a brand new, sparkly page to adventure upon, you’ll likely want to pick up a few new sparkly pieces of gear to kick it off.

We all have some gear that could use replacing, and maybe you’ve even got a resolution that requires some fun new stuff! Or a goal to pick up a new method of outdoor play. Ringing in the new year with new gear is exciting, and we are here for it.

new gear for the new year is all about quality and comfort in 2024

New Gear For The New Year

A lot of companies refresh their gear offerings around this time of year, and we have rounded up some of the most anticipated new pieces, good deals, and innovative products we could find.

Whether you’re looking for an ebike or some new shoes, the new year is the perfect time to pick up some new gear. What gear are you most excited about in 2024? Keep scrolling to see what we’re stoked about!

Mission Mountain UltraPort High-Back Camping Chair

A good camp chair makes such a difference in the new year! new gear
We love a good camp chair, and Mission Mountain is dropping a new one we’re excited about as we kick off the new year. The UltraPort Highback Camp Chair is seriously comfortable and sets up in under 30 seconds. Talk about ease! This camp chair is made from lightweight but strong aluminum and features some nice pockets to keep your doodads nearby.

Mission Mountain’s UltraPort Highback Camp Chair is perfect for car camping, bonfires, and festivals. For all the comfort this camp chair offers, it packs up surprisingly small and comes with a small carrying bag that stashes easily in any car. If you’ve been searching for a camp chair that feels more like a cozy spot on a sofa, the UltraPort is for you. No more subpar camp chairs in 2024!

See the Mission Mountain UltraPort Highback Camp Chair

Revo Descend E Rimless Sunglasses

new year new gear revo descend eStart off 2024 with a fresh pair of rimless sunglasses. Useful for more than sunny summer days, polarized sunglasses like the Revo Descend E are clutch when adventuring and having fun in the snow, too.

Rimless featherweight lenses offer an uninterrupted line of sight, while MotionFit™ technology ensures the frames stay put. These sunglasses are super lightweight — you’ll hardly notice them on your face. Plus, they’re available in champagne, blue water, and graphite lens color options, so you can grab the pair that suits your style.

See the Revo Descend E Sunglasses

Rocky Talkie 5 Watt Radio

Rocky Talkie 5 Watt Radio in the new year
Celebrate the new year with good communication in rugged places! Rocky Talkie has launched their 5 Watt Radio, and it’s the clutch piece of kit you’ve been missing all your life. Boasting a 5-day battery life, waterproofing, and a 5-watt range, you will have a sense of connection with safety in the backcountry like never before. The max range on the 5 Watt Radio is an unbelievable 35 miles! Although 2 to 8 miles is more of what you can expect in mountainous terrain- still quite an astounding and impressive range.

We love Rocky Talkie for its access to NOAA weather alerts, 11 weather channels, and 8 repeater channels for an extended transmission range. Seriously, once you incorporate Rocky Talkies into your adventures, you will never want to adventure without them. They are incredibly easy to use and reliable. The new 5 Watt Radio is an exciting new update to the Rocky Talkie lineup!

See the Rocky Talkie 5 Watt Radio

freebeat MorphRover Fat Tire E-bike

New Year, new ebike
So, you’ve decided to pull the trigger on an e-bike for the new year. Excellent! We are stoked about freebeat’s MorphRover Fat Tire E-bike. This ebike is awesome and thanks to its fat tire design, it’s a perfect option for all seasons, including very snowy winters. The MorphRover boasts a 60-mile range and 28mph top speed!

Something quite unique about this e-bike is that it’s as nice on outdoor adventures as it is for indoor training rides. Set it up as a smart bike trainer, and suddenly, you’ve got two bikes in one! Also, the MorphRover has an electric-free battery recharge function — just 30 minutes of indoor riding generates ample battery power for a 10-mile outdoor journey, reflecting the commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

Right now, you can use the code BACKPACKER to save $100 on freebeat’s MorphRover Fat Tire Ebike. New year, new gear is certainly next level when you up your game with a versatile ebike like the MorphRover. Be sure to check out freebeat accessories to add some extra pizazz to your new bike-life.

See the freebeat MorphRover Fat Tire Ebike

Better Gift Shop x Marmot Innovative Tech Hoody
Innovative new pieces of gear are great in a new year

Sometimes, you don’t need a full-on jacket or piece of kit to go on an adventure. In those instances, we are obsessed with the Better Gift Shop x Marmot Innovative Tech Hoody. Not only is this hoody stylish and fun, but it’s also the coziest thing you will wear in the new year. This piece is constructed from heavyweight cotton, perfect for bonfires, walking the dog, and at the crag. A good hoody is worth its weight in gold.

The collaboration between Better Gift Shop x Marmot is a joyous affair. Better Gift Shop is Toronto-based and aims to bring cultural and social ideas to life. Through collaboration, they connect ideas and communities on a global scale. We love how cheerful their solar yellow is as we enter the new year. It feels fitting as we imagine a spectacular 12 months ahead!

See the Better Gift Shop x Marmot Innovative Tech Hoody

Ultimate Direction Mountain Vesta 6.0

picking up a new sport in the new year? you may need new gear!

Whether you’ve decided to take up trail running in the new year or are a seasoned pro, a new running vest in the new year is likely on your radar. Ultimate Direction is a great company for premium running vests and they are releasing an exciting one to kick off 2024. The Mountain Vesta 6.0 is our top pick for longer runs in any terrain. Ultimate Direction is thoughtful in design, and they make both a women’s and men’s version of this running vest to ensure you get the most comfortable and stable fit.

The Mountain Vesta 6.0 boasts a whopping 13 liters of storage volume, with a rear compartment large enough for a 2-liter water reservoir. If you can believe it, this vest has 13 pockets! So you can always load up your favorite snacks, extra gear, and even a couple of items some might call luxurious! In recent years, a lot of folks have begun using running vests for hiking, which is a really great option if you like to save as much weight as possible on foot-powered adventures.

See the Ultimate Direction Mountain Vesta 6.0

YETI Rambler 14oz Stackable Mug

If your camp mug is at the end of its life, or you simply need a new one, say hello to YETI’s beautiful new Rambler 14 ounce Stackable Mug. This mug features the classic styling you’d expect from YETI, along with a nice hand-feel. It’s perfect for your morning cuppa, while also being perfect for camp ramen or car camp ice cream!

What sets the YETI Rambler 14 ounce Stackable Mug apart from other camp mug options is the double-wall, vacuum-insulated body that protects your hands from whatever the temperature in the mug is, whether hot or cold. This mug comes standard with YETI’s premium Magslider lid, so you don’t have to worry about burning your lips on hot coffee or accidentally spilling that hot coffee. Other features of this mug we like are that it’s dishwasher safe, the handle is welded on so it will not snap off and this mug comes with YETI’s 5-year warranty.

See the YETI Rambler 14oz Stackable Mug

Patagonia Fun Hog Beanie

new year new gear includes hats!

Step up your comfy, cozy beanie game in the new year with Patagonia’s brand-new Fun Hog Beanie. The Fun Hog Beanie is constructed from soft recycled wool and recycled nylon and is made in a fair-trade certified factory. It’s an exceptionally perfect hat for snowshoeing, hitting the powder, and impromptu winter-time adventures.

The Fun Hog Beanie features a double layer of fabric at the cuff to seal out chilly air and provide extra warmth. It comes in a handful of really nice color options, and for the warmth it offers, it weighs in at just 75 grams. New year, new gear wouldn’t feel right without a new beanie!

See the Patagonia Fun Hog Beanie

Midland Radio MicroMobile Canyon Edge Bullbar Antenna System

No more missed communication in the new year.

For those who love to incorporate their vehicle on grand adventures, Midland Radio’s MicroMobile Canyon Edge Bullbar Antenna System is a brand new piece of gear you’ll find invaluable. If you pick one of these up for the new year, you can expect an unprecedented GMRS two-way radio range! Built from durable fiberglass, this antenna is strong enough to tackle the toughest trails. With a lower dB, The Canyon Edge casts a taller signal, which makes communication clearer when encountering heavily obstructed environments such as cities, dense forests, and mountains.

Being able to connect with your adventure partners and loved ones can be the difference between having a ton of fun or the worst time ever. Midland Radio’s gear is as easy to use as it is reliable. They’ve released a handful of new products if the Bullbar System is incompatible with your vehicle setup.

Midland Radio MicroMobile Canyon Edge Bullbar Antenna System

Bajio Stiltsville Sunglasses

Elevate your style with Bajio’s Stiltsville shades, designed for those who appreciate a timeless look with their adventure. These shades aren’t just nice looking! They’re also your shield against harmful UV rays and disruptive blue light. They feature vented and comfortable nose pads, two-way flex hinges and narrow temples for wearability.

Whether you’re looking to do some fishing, backpacking or some other kind of type II fun, Bajio’s Stiltsville sunglasses are sure to become a staple in your adventure kit!

See the Bajio Stiltsville Sunglasses

Injinji Sport Original Weight Crew Socks

new year new socks!

Let 2024 be the year of new socks! Your feet deserve it. We are big fans of Injinji’s Sport Original Weight Crew Socks. They have become one of the most-loved socks in the outdoor industry with a bit of a cult-like following in the trail running scene. And it’s well deserved. By keeping each toe in its own little compartment, you minimize friction that leads to blisters or chaffing. COOLMAX wicks away moisture, and an underfoot band supports your arch and secures the fit so this sock doesn’t slide.

Once you go toe sock, you’ll never go back. Or something like that. Treat your feet to something special in 2024 by picking up some Injinji Sport Original Weight Toe Socks. They’re available in some new fun colors for the new year and like all the reviews say: they are perfect. Put your best foot forward in the new year!

See the Injinji Sport Original Weight Crew Socks

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