NJ Labs: Protect Yourself From Tick-Borne Diseases by Getting Tick Test

Tick season is here. This means that those who spend a lot of time outdoors will be at a higher risk of getting tick bites.

Sandra Lee, CEO of NJ Labs, said that people are most concerned about Lyme disease when it comes to ticks. But it is not the only tick-borne pathogen out there.

NJ Labs recommends testing for other tick-borne pathogens including Rickettsiosis, a spotted fever; or Ehrlichiosis, a potential breathing, and blood disorder.

Lee said that their analytical testing lab offers tick collection testing kits under the name Tick SURE.

Tick SURE is a tick test and sample collection kit that can be purchased in advance as a precaution to finding a tick on you or your pet’s skin.

The collection test kit includes tweezers, easy directions on how to remove a tick, safe packaging for the tick in a pre-paid, first-class envelope that is delivered to NJ Labs for full identification and testing.

Once at the lab, the tick’s DNA is extracted to first identify the species, then tested for the different pathogens it may carry.

For more details about tick identification and testing, or to purchase a kit, go to: https://testticks.com.

Image courtesy of NJ Labs

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