Nocs Introduces Solar Eclipse Viewing Bundle Ahead of April 8th Celestial Event

Nocs Provisions has unveiled a comprehensive solution for skygazers gearing up for the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024.

The Solar Eclipse Lens, compatible with their Zoom Tube, promises an immersive viewing experience of this rare celestial spectacle.

New Solar Eclipse Viewing Bundle from Nocs

Crafted from premium aluminum, the lens combines durability with a sleek aesthetic, housing precision optics certified to ISO 12312-2 standards for maximum safety against solar radiation.

In celebration of the lens’s launch, Nocs is offering a special bundle deal, including the Zoom Tube, Woven Wrist Strap, and Solar Eclipse Lens, all for $125.

With total solar eclipses occurring approximately every 2-3 years and lasting mere minutes, this event presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts across the United States and Southern Canada.

Beginning on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, the eclipse’s path will traverse the US from Texas to Maine before concluding in Southern Canada.

To ensure optimal viewing, secure your solar eclipse bundle from Nocs Provisions today.

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