Nocs Provisions Launches Western Tanager Collection

This year marks Nocs Provisions first full collection focused on the Western Tanager and it is looking sharp.

The Western Tanager Collection features styles that capture the color, patterns, and flamboyance of this bird of paradise in all its prowess and exuberance.

The styles are available in the Zoom Tube monocular and the brand’s three waterproof binoculars: Standard Issue, Field Issue, and Pro Issue.

The vibrant colors of the Western Tanager are intricately incorporated into each piece of the new collection.

Warm yellow with accents of orange and red describes the Zoom Tube. The dual-tone red and orange colorway of the Standard Issue has black eye cups.

The Pro Issue is deep red with black eye cups and a burst of yellow with an orange focus wheel, while the Field Issue is orange with red eye cups and a bigger yellow focus wheel.

The Western Tanager’s hues are further represented by the Nocs Interesting Bird Twill Bucket Hat, which is constructed of 100% organic cotton twill and has embroidered embroidery art.

Similar bursts of orange, yellow, and black serve as the collection’s focal point and accentuate the Western Tanager.

Since its inception, Nocs has been a member of 1% for the Planet and has supported various non-profit organizations, such as the Feminist Bird Club and Trips for Kids Marin.

Products from Nocs are shipped in plastic-free, post-consumer recycled boxes printed with soy ink.

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