Nocs Provisions Innovates Outdoor Photography With Enhanced Photo Rig Adapter

Nocs Provisions, a leading manufacturer of adventure optics and accessories, has unveiled its latest breakthrough in outdoor photography – the Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter.

This enhanced adapter, an upgraded version of the brand’s popular accessory, promises to transform the way outdoor enthusiasts capture images through binoculars and monoculars.

Capture Crystal-Clear Images Through Outdoor Optics with the Latest Innovation

Boasting a new self-centering frame, the Photo Rig ensures swift alignment with smartphone cameras, facilitating rapid and precise image capture.

High-stiffness springs secure the device in place, guaranteeing crisp and shake-free photos even in dynamic outdoor environments.

The adapter, designed for one-handed use, features stepped grippers to prevent accidental button presses, offering a secure hold during field activities.

Constructed with high-impact ABS plastic, the lightweight and packable Photo Rig is engineered for a lifetime of rugged use.

While tailored for Nocs optics, it accommodates a broad range of binoculars, monoculars, and telescopes with eyepiece diameters between 20-50mm.

With tripod compatibility and an affordable MSRP of $35, the Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter is set to redefine the outdoor photography experience.

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