Nocs Voyager Collection Offers Stylish, Performance-Driven Optics

Nocs Provisions is proud to announce a fresh new take on Nocs’ award-winning Voyager binoculars.

Part of the brand’s expanding line of premium outdoor optics, the new Voyager Collection reflects Nocs’ Californian roots and the ethos of seeing the world from a new perspective.

With dazzling, vivid hues drawn from the natural surroundings, the collection also explores a visual approach hitherto unexplored in the optics industry.

Each item in the Nocs line has been expertly built to have a gripping hand feel, exceptional durability, and unrivaled optical quality in a small package.

Seven new colorways are available across the Standard Issue 8×25 and 10×25 waterproof binocular and Zoom Tube 8×32 monocular models from Nocs in the Voyager Collection.

Three new Tapestry Straps are also part of the new lineup, giving a splash of color to any outdoor setting while also enhancing security and comfort for Nocs binocular carrying.

The Voyager Collection is now available on, and in REI and retailers nationwide.

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