Ornot Launches Women's Lightweight Droptail Tight for Superior Comfort and Protection

Ornot introduces the latest innovation in cycling apparel with the unveiling of the Women’s Lightweight Droptail Tight for the Spring/Summer 2024 season.

This cutting-edge garment offers cyclists unparalleled comfort and protection for extended rides in varying conditions.

Meet Ornot’s Women’s Lightweight Droptail Tight

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Lightweight Droptail Tight boasts exceptional breathability and coverage, making it the perfect companion for enduring rides under the scorching sun.

Its UPF 50+ rating ensures reliable sun protection without the hassle of constantly reapplying sunscreen.

One of the standout features of this apparel is its droptail functionality, allowing for hassle-free bathroom breaks without the need to remove your jersey.

Additionally, strategically placed seams and a dense endurance pad guarantee unparalleled comfort throughout extended rides.

Constructed with bluesign-approved recycled fabric and featuring Oeko-Tex-certified components, these tights prioritize sustainability without compromising on performance.

Reflective detailing on the lower legs enhances visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring safety on the road.

With a temperature range of 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit, the Women’s Lightweight Droptail Tight is poised to become a staple for cyclists year-round.

Made in Italy and priced at $194, this innovative offering from Ornot promises to elevate the riding experience for women everywhere.

Images courtesy of Ornot

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