ORTLIEB Launches Soulo – Your New Everyday Backpack

Meet ORTLIEB’s Soulo and rethink your everyday backpack — the most fashionable and functional piece of luggage you could ever own.

The Soulo is amazing both for its sleek, contemporary appearance and its delightful touch, which is made possible by the polyester fabric that is PU coated.

This backpack offers the best view of the inside and opens simply owing to the useful magnetic lid closure.

Likewise, the powerful magnets can be secured by small controls, not visible from the outside, which protect the bag against unwanted access.

A smartphone, keys, or wallet can be stored in the small outer pocket on the front side of the smart backpack.

The integrated laptop compartment may also accommodate bigger pieces of technology like a tablet or notebook PC.

It is comfortable to carry because of the adjustable shoulder straps, chest belt, and hip belt.

The Soulo is a genuine eye-catcher and an all-around talent in every context, whether for the urban jungle, work, or pleasure.

This contemporary backpack is waterproof and made in Germany using sustainable manufacturing practices.

Available in one size (25L), the Soulo backpack comes in three colors, and can be purchased for only $220 MSRP.

Images courtesy of ORTLIEB

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