Osprey Introduces New Exos and Eja Pro Packs

If you are looking for ultralight thru-hiking packs, Osprey has just enhanced their existing line by introducing the Exos and Eja Pro Packs.

The Exos and Eja Pro Packs are nearly a pound lighter than Osprey’s popular Exos/Eja Series thanks to lighter materials, frame, and harness.

In its weight class, the 55-liter Exos Pro is the most comfortable lightweight thru-hike backpack.

The pack is perfect for your most challenging long-distance adventures on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and beyond thanks to its highly ventilated AirSpeed backpanel.

With this feature, it accommodates light loads with ease while preserving maximum airflow across your back.

The 55-liter Eja Pro offers the most comfortable carry in its weight class for serious thru-hikes when every gram matters.

The Pro loses almost a whole pound compared to the Eja 58 and has a vented AirSpeed suspension system with an anatomical women’s fit that has a more precise adjustment mechanism.

The Exos Pro 55 and the Eja Pro 55 are each available for $290 (MSRP). Check them out on Osprey’s site.

Images courtesy of Osprey

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