Outdoor Afro Inc. and REI Co-op Unveil Vibrant Camp Collection

Outdoor Afro Inc. and REI Co-op have once again joined forces to revamp the camping experience with their latest collaborative collection, marking their third year of partnership.

This year’s Outdoor Afro x REI Co-op collection introduces a fresh color palette and innovative designs to elevate outdoor comfort.

Outdoor Afro Inc. + REI Co-op Are Back For A New Collection

Renowned artist Chelsea Alexander takes the helm, infusing the collection with her custom print that celebrates expressive colors inspired by nature.

Her designs, featured across gear and apparel, aim to enhance comfort and functionality while reflecting on the diverse perspectives within the outdoor community.

In crafting her designs, Alexander delved deeper into the relationship between individuals and nature, acknowledging that not everyone shares the same affinity for outdoor adventures.

“Something I learned about this project is that not everyone has a positive experience with nature—which I assumed everyone did,” she shares.

The collection comprises 14 products across three categories: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and accessories, catering to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts.

With durability, functionality, and vibrant aesthetics at its core, the collaboration offers a fresh and inclusive approach to camping essentials.

Images courtesy of REI Co-op

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