Outdoor Vitals 100 Mile Challenge

If you’re someone who enjoys a good hike, you’ve likely heard of Outdoor Vitals. They’ve become a much-loved brand in the outdoor gear scene because of their top-quality products and welcoming presence. Outdoor Vitals truly believes in simplicity and supports folks to get outside with ultralight gear designed with performance first in mind. They believe getting outside improves mental and physical wellness and when it comes to walking (hiking?) their talk, Outdoor Vitals is a leader in the industry.

In 2022, Outdoor Vitals launched the OV 100 Mile Challenge, which encourages hikers to push their limits by setting a mileage goal. Participants get cool swag, a training plan, coaching, and a whole supportive community when they sign up! The 2024 challenge sign-up has just kicked off!

Outdoor Vitals 100 Mile Challenge

There is value in pushing your limits to see what you’re capable of. This is something Outdoor Vitals believes and many outdoorsy folks strongly agree. Whether you gain self-confidence, physical strength, or general wellness, the benefits of stretching yourself are very real. The Outdoor Vitals 100 Mile Challenge is a joyous call to action, inviting you to say a heartfelt heck yeah to adventure!

When you join, OV is there to support you with an interactive training framework, coaching from OV team members, and a supportive network of people who also signed up for this challenge. You’ll also get access to events, live calls, and a members-only Facebook group. Leaning into the community is a huge part of the 100 Mile Challenge. It makes it fun and helps to keep participants on track. Did we mention the fun swag box participants get? With an exciting array of sponsors on board, the swag box alone makes the challenge a great time.a 100 mile challenge participant having a life changing time

In 2023 OV 100 Mile Challenge participants tracked over 14,000 miles, with 83% of participants saying they’d happily be joining the challenge again. Those are some epic stats and it really goes to show the power of nature, a supportive community, and Outdoor Vitals’ values.

Pushing Yourself

Everyone is unique and pushing yourself means something a little different to everyone. Outdoor Vitals acknowledges this and they’ve set up the framework for the 100 Mile Challenge accordingly. Whether you dream of setting out on your first thru-hike, want to have a few backpacking adventures or plan to stack up those miles with lovely day hikes, this is a challenge for everyone!

A man celebrates his 100 mile challenge with a cute burrow!

The Outdoor Vitals team has over 70 years of combined experience and they aim to give you everything you need for better planning, training, & execution. At the end of the day, this challenge is all about boosting your well-being through the great outdoors.

Are You Ready?

Sign-ups have begun for the OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024. Swag boxes and training manuals ship out in early April. Will you be participating this year?

a woman backpacks the 100 mile challenge

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